Homesick East Coasters wait 24 hours in line for LA's first Dunkin' Donuts to open

Playboy interviews the people pulling a Black Thursday outside LA's first Dunk's. No surprise: They all seem to be from the part of America that really does run on Dunkin:

Greg and Arielle even held Johnny’s place when he had to go to the bathroom. The trip was inevitable, considering Hoops had been in line for almost 24 hours. But where did he venture when nature called?

“Shhhh, don’t tell anybody,” Johnny replied. “But we go to the Starbucks a block away.”



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I couldnt picture a town

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I couldnt picture a town without dunkies,it is a necasity theres five where i live.and im there average once a day.sad but true coolata all but 24hrs thats a problem,,,lol love dunkies though

Please, by all means!

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Stand in line to throw your money at a company that harms America way more than any terrorist ever could!

I'd be so much more supportive

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of their artery-clogging ways if anything they made actually tasted like anything. Limp, flavorless cake ring covered with glaze or jimmies does not equal a doughnut. Hot brown water flavored with coconut or artificial blueberry does not equal coffee. Embarrassed that this is our big regional export.


Not just that

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it's those insidious plastic cups that hey just have to have a Styrofoam cup around.I see them on every dog trail I walk and on newspaper machines and in the streets everywhere. I'll never understand why fast food places are not required to have recycling on the premises.


kinda makes you wonder

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if that was the reason why they haven't opened up any sooner? maybe they were still working out paper cups that met DD criteria.

Beware out-of-town Dunkins

I stopped into a DD in the Miami area a few years back. Ordered a large regular. I was busy talking with some co-workers when the order was made. Upon paying for my coffee, I took a swig, only to burn my mouth.

Apparently a regular coffee down there is simply a black coffee. Hence the reason for the burned mouth.

To add insult to injury, the coffee was decaf because its Florida and everyone goes to bed by 4pm after the early bird specials.



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A colleague of mine decided that he would test out the meaning of "regular" whenever he sees a DD while traveling for work. He found that "regular" has no meaning outside of New England. Some will ask for clarification, others will give you black, others maybe just sugar. Sadly, you'll have to put in the extra effort to ask for your coffee to be half cream and sugar in the rest of the world. You see, regular is not described anywhere on the menu, it's unofficial, just something you pick up around here.

I know, right??!!!!

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Especially if one has been to Kane's. I heard they were opening one downtown. Can you imagine?


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Dunkin Donuts is the best (black coffee for me, thanks!). Not saying I'd wait in line for 24 hours for it, but I'd never move so far away from one in the first place.

When I lived in Arkansas for

When I lived in Arkansas for a few months I drove 93 miles to go to the nearest Dunkies in Branson, MO.

It was worth it, the location (which was open seasonally) was dressed like the stores of the 80s. Lots of brown and the cascade of DD wallpaper. It was worth it.

Apart from the crappy

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Apart from the crappy beverages and sad excuses for baked goods, and entirely overlooking the proliferation of litter, Dunks sucks because of the constant traffic stupidity they cause. Someone jammed on the brakes for no reason whatsoever? They just spotted a Dunks. Some jackwagon went flying across six lanes of traffic with no warning? They're over HERE and the Dunks is over THERE. A line of gapers extending from a parking lot out into traffic? It's called "drive-through line at the Dunks". I just can't find a shred of compassion in my soul for people who are willing to do these stupid and dangerous things in their cars, in pursuit of the most sad, boring, unimaginative food on the planet.