California can keep its pool boys; we've got snow shovelers

Best snow-related Craigslist post of the year, no matter how real it is:

Mommy seeks 3 sexy young shovelers for all night, $300. pay (braintree)

Be 18 -21, all night pay is 300 dollars plus a good tip, hot chocolate, hot tub, will be shoveling all night, driveway is 110 feet long. I have a plow and 3 snow blowers. send a shirtless pic , plow driver must have license.

Via Dan Ryan.




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I hope...

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I hope they're not running the snow blowers all night or else the neighbors' reactions may prompt a different type of Uhub post circa 3 a.m...

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Oh come now...

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...who wouldn't want to be blown all night long?

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Uncertain task

You never know how many inches you'll get, or how long it will last.

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I'm offended!

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This ad has been removed from Craig's List! Apparently you're only allowed to hire female jiggle, not male...

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