Her last turnaround for awhile

USS Constitution on July Fourth in Boston Harbor

Matt Conti watched the USS Constitution on her last July Fourth turnaround before three years in drydock for repairs. More photos.



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Nice Pic

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Looks like a postcard from the 50's - very cool.


which Drydock?

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which dry dock will she be using? there is an old one right next to her in Charlestown. there is a big one across the harbor in South Boston.

She will be in Dry Dock 1 in

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She will be in Dry Dock 1 in the Charlestown Navy Yard, which is one of the oldest Dry Docks in the United States.


Here's a ducky little story

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Here's a ducky little story of the Yard ,

A Brief History Of The Boston Navy Yard And The Marine Barracks

By Peter A. McDonald - Originally Published May 1932

The Boston Navy Yard, sometimes referred to as the Charlestown Navy Yard, is located in the section of Boston known as Charlestown. It is situated at the junction of the Charles and Mystic rivers. In former days this land was known as "Moulton's Point," but the term was dropped when jurisdiction of the area was ceded to the United States by the state of Massachusetts in the year 1800. The site covered an area of approximately thirty-five acres, but by subsequent purchases in 1817, 1863, and 1920, and, with the filling in of flats and marshland, there is today an area of one hundred and thirty-one acres. This includes forty-nine acres at South Boston where No. 3 drydock is located. This drydock was purchased from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1920. It is 1176 feet long, 133 feet wide, and is the largest drydock in the United States and one of the drydocks in the entire world capable of docking the great ocean liners: Leviathan, Majestic, Bremen, and Brittanic.


As an added feature , here are some pictures , from its flickr.