Her mother must be so proud

Trophies in a tunnel
Trophy case

ElmerCat reports coming on a pleasant surprise yesterday in the normally dreary First Street tunnel under the Longfellow Bridge in Cambridge: A trophy case:

Mostly bowling and tennis trophies, sitting on angle irons reinforcing a crack in the foundation wall. Coming upon this sparkling trophy collection in the normally gloomy tunnel was a delightful surprise!



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    Forgotten 1970-80s sports legends

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    Some poor homeless former pro bowling star has gone from million dollar paydays and Saturday morning TV coverage to living under a bridge in Cambridge and this lady finds it a delightful surprise.


    Even More

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    I think there's still enough of a market for a Saturday morning show, akin to the old Channel 5 shows, to be viable. True, the target audience would tend to be older than it once was. I still believe, though, that the right advertisers (think those who make walk-in tubs, erectile dysfunction and other meds, first alert, etc.) might show interest.

    I'd also pitch it to the owners of the remaining bowling houses in the viewing area as a marketing tool. You might be able to get a fair percentage of the production costs covered if they chipped in via the Massachusetts Bowling Association.


    You've described

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    You've described most of the commercials during non-network shows on daytime tv...


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    for identifying a site where I can deposit all my kid's old trophies that they left behind when they grew up and moved out.

    adding more trophies this week...

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    My collection of bowling trophies is dwindling, so I'm switching to baseball and hockey this week - sorry sports fans. I'll feature women's tennis next week and we'll see what new recycled treasures appear after that. I've used trophies for this installation because they represent the rare piece of nostalgia that has survived the technological disintermediation from the tangible to the virtual. They are souvenirs of our past achievements that get blithely tossed away and I'm glad to have rescued enough to fill the Longfellow shelves and hopefully trigger a smile.

    Thank You For Revealing The Mystery Of Where They Came From!

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    It was very clever of you to see the "Longfellow shelves" and imagine them adorned with an arrangement of items, and the theme of trophies was a brilliant idea! Are these trophies from people you know, or did you just randomly find and collect them?

    Even though it makes for a longer bike ride, I enjoy using that tunnel to avoid going through Kendall Square. I skidded to a stop and couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw the trophies! Pausing for a moment and marveling at this surprising artistic display in such an unexpected location was definitely the high point of my commute!


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    Thanks Elmer,
    They are from random boxes that were discarded, so the trophies are truly recycled and span several eras. I had walked past the empty shelves too many times to leave them empty. I added 5 trophies today for a total of 18.

    great video!

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    Fabulous video. Four more trophies added today for a total of 24+ and now there is a nice write up on Tripadvisor.com if you search for 'Longfellow Bridge Trophy Room."


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    Don't know if you will see this...since it's a year later...but I am trying to get in touch for a story about the trophies for the Boston Globe. Let me know: [email protected]

    42+ trophies

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    Hey Sports Fans,
    There are now 42+ trophies - time to start using the bottom shelf too? I think that I need a new location. Feel free to add to the trip advisor review. Search for 'longfellow bridge trophy room.'