Here's your chance to get that talk-show gig you've always wanted

WRKO is advertising for a full-time host:

Do you have what it takes to be in a top ten market, with 50,000 watts of power at your command and working under these legendary call letters that gave birth to the talk format? WRKO is looking someone who lives and breathes the news cycle. Not just politics, but pop culture as well. Can you discuss any topic with a passion; can you disagree without being disagreeable? Can you light up the phone lines, keep the conversation moving and interesting? Can you leave your ego at the door and work for a company that will give you the best and brightest minds in the industry to help guide you to success?

Via Bob Nelson.



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    I have a voice that was made for print.

    Howie's still at WRKO

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    I admit that I listen to him for a segment or two on the ride home for some amusement but I can only take ranting about EBT cards and the other four topics (will he ever give up talking about Whitey?) he has in rotation for a very short amount of time.

    Per Bob Nelson's link

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    Howie Carr's contract ends next month and he has signed with Global Media to syndicate his show.

    So is this for a replacement for Howie?

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    Or are they getting rid of that horrible person who does their morning drive time show? The one who said that people were out to get him and were using practices akin to the Stasi? The anti-immigration immigrant?

    Howie Carr's still alive?

    Howie Carr's still alive? Maybe Virgin Boy can resurrect his show, "The Pitts"?

    As to the ad's text, RKO didn't invent talk radio. WEEI was doing talk radio in the 60's.


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    That and his terrible on-air persona didn't stop Tony Maaseroti from being part of the top radio show in the market.

    WRKO still exists?

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    I only remember it as a kid as a bunch of advertisements and headlines that would be broadcast through the earpieces of hung-up phones and elements of electric ovens of friends who lived near its transmission towers over off of Lexington St in Burlington.

    That said, the fact that they need to advertise for a full time host is probably another sign that terrestrial radio is pretty much dead.

    My thought, too

    I'm surprised WRKO is still around, but then again, there's still a corner of the population that's elderly, not computer literate, and listens to commercial talk radio non-stop. Someone's gotta buy the ShamWows & gold ingots.

    Dave still turns up

    on Howie's show sometimes. When he has some ripoff event to plug. Listening to Dave Andleman discuss politics is like listening to monkeys at a typewriter.

    All Market Basket, All the Time

    I'm going to pitch a "Market Basket Drama" show where we spend 4 hours each and every day discussing the supermarket chain.

    Each Friday will be "Call in and bitch about cyclists Friday" where we open the phones to YOU to complain about how you saw someone running a red on Tuesday. For extra irony we'll give you extra time on-air if you are calling from your cell phone while driving.

    To keep the show fresh each year from late October to sometime in April we'll focus entirely on space savers in South Boston. Who could get tired of people talking about that?

    I figure I'm a shoe-in. Now to go polish up on my sexists remarks....

    Some of these questions are hilarious

    "Can you disagree without being disagreeable? Can you leave your ego at the door?"

    It's like these people never listen to their own talk radio programming, or any talk radio programming, for that matter.


    When I saw that "leave your ego at the door," I laughed. Based on the hosts they have now, the real qualifications seem to be "be an opinionated blowhard whose usual response when contradicted is badly-informed invective." Hmmm ... maybe I should apply.

    Nah, I couldn't maintain that level of ignorance long enough to satisfy their audience.