He's nobody's problem but the Turks'

Man with fez on the Number 1 bus

Sam Hammer notes you don't see many people in felt fezes on the 1 bus these days.



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As long as he stays out of

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As long as he stays out of the labyrinth, away from Dr. Evil, and downtown Watertown he should be a'ok.

banned in turkey

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You're not going to see that in istanbul. Banned. Guessing north africa transplant.

Yes you are.

The ban was lifted in the 1990s after being partially rescinded in the 1950s.

It was a ban on the Mevlevi.

UNESCO made this http://youtu.be/_umJcGodNb0 and they oughta know.

As you can see, there are some fairly ostentatious fez things.

And here's one made by actual Turks using actual Turkish for the 'About" part.

It is all haunting and beautiful.


Rumi invented it but Pir Sultan Abdal and Yunus Emre wrote some cool tunes.

These are also performed fez-less by poet troubadours called asiks playing things called a saz or baglama.

Here's wonderful ancient Asik Ali Izzet doing a tune toward the end of his life.


You all are hilarious whenever you step outside of the Boston bubble and try to make sense of some mysterious foreigners.

Hell, your Ma and Pa Kettle threads ineptly mocking hapless southerners are priceless rube displays.



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Way to be both an informative and yet massively patronizing prick in a single post. Glad those internet search skilz are working out for ya, Chris. They make you seem hella smaht.

Fwiw, although I chose to move to New England as an adult, I'll try to remember the contempt you feel for those born here (like my daughter) whenever I read a future post of yours.


Nice pile of unexamined assumptions you got there.

Of course the only reason I looked up some links on Sufi music was so I could insult your daughter.

Because, of course, I was thinking about you..you.. all about you. Always you.

It absolutely wasn't about the goofy stuff people here come up with when some corner of the world outside of their experience ends up in a post.

And it was so totally about New England where traces of my DNA have been in graveyards since Charles II recovered the throne from my asshole Roundhead relatives.. all six states and every living blinking human in every one who was ever born and ever will be.

Your poor high horse has back strain from the weight of these delusions of significance.

Help it out, would ya. A high horse needs skillful husbandry.



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Tiny tiny little car must be broken!