Hey kids, who's up for a trolley ride to get some Oxford chocolates?

Oxford Chocolates in old Boston.

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this photo. See it larger.



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    There's a big clue there

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    It's at the beginning of Hyde Park Avenue, taken from the railroad station, around the beginning of construction of the Elevated station.

    i agree.... the headstones

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    i agree.... the headstones for sale are tell tale that it is very close to a cemetery. Even now you don't find those very far from the boneyard, nobody likes to haul those across town

    The trolley says

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    Huntington Avenue Charles & Cambridge Streets Bowdoin Square.

    But I agree, it looks exactly like the former trolleyway/current busway at Forest Hills.

    Trolley operator?

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    Looks like the destination sign on the right end of the trolley says North Station.

    Route 26

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    Forest Hills to North Station via:

    - Washington Street
    - Dudley Terminal (Surface Level)
    - Washington Street
    - Northampton Street
    - Columbus Avenue
    - Mass Ave
    - Huntington Avenue
    - Copley Square
    - Boylston Street
    - Charles Street
    - Cambridge Street
    - Bowdoin Square
    - Court Street
    - Portland Street
    - Market Street
    - Canal Street
    - Causeway Street

    Return via Portland, Chardon, Green, Chambers, Cambridge Street, et seq.

    As of August 25, 1906:

    - Inbound trip took 49 minutes
    - Outbound trip 44 minutes
    - Layover at North Station for four minutes.

    And if the time is somewhere

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    And if the time is somewhere around the year 1900, wouldn't that put it in The Gilded Age?

    More like the Sepia Age

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    Which would have been tough for those who didn't like everything to be sepia-toned.

    3706 Washington Street

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    If you look at the top you can just make out that one of the half oval signs says 076 with I think a 3 in the front - partially obscured. If you google the location, it's a row of stores to this day - the facades have changed (Oriental Chinese restaurant etc.) but looks like these row stores are still there across from the Forest Hills station.

    Guessing 1900 based on clothes, open style trolleys etc. would say either late spring or early fall as a couple of guys are wearing light jackets and trees are filled out. If you look in the background, there is a hill with trees - guessing that's Franklin park - which fits witht he topography. Guessing the photographer was on top of a building to get this vantage point?

    I wonder....

    ... what the large impressive building on the street behind these shops might have been.

    Someone's house

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    My first guess was Forest Hills Hospital, but in looking at the atlases, the answer was more boring.

    It is a wicked nice house, though. And a better topic than the storefronts.

    My guess is it is on

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    My guess is it is on Cambridge Street on the other side of Beacon Hill...

    Huntington Ave

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    the trolley say "Huntington Avenue, Charles Street, Bowdoin Sq"
    mean anything?

    The Answer!

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    Thanks for playing folks! This is Forest Hills Sq while the station was being built. The date is July 28, 1898.