Hey, remember when Boston had a Labor Day parade?

Labor Day parade in Boston's Park Square.

Leslie Jones photographed the Labor Day parade through Park Square in 1920, back when "Labor Day Parades were common."

Photo from the BPL's Leslie Jones collection used under this Creative Commons license.



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Back in the day a parade was

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Back in the day a parade was one of the few free entertainment opportunities for the masses so everyone showed up. Now that TV, radio, and the internet exist, the novelty is gone and fewer people attend.


what city do you live in?

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A couple of the biggest events all year are parades, and even the smaller ones are well attended.

parades are well-attended at other times & places

see for instance South Boston St Patrick's Day parade, Caribbean Carnival parade (both Boston's in August and Cambridge's in September), Somerville Memorial Day parade, Dorchester Day parade, Roslindale Day parade, Lexington Patriots Day parade, First Night parade ...


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Everybody always wore hats in those days. I don't get the deal with straw hats, they couldn't have been very durable.

They're plenty durable

You just can't wear them in the rain. However, I have several straws, and despite some wear and tear, the oldest ones are nearly 10 years old and in reasonably good shape given daily wear during straw hat season.

Warm weather

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Straw hats are very nice in warm and hot weather. Great for circulating air while still protecting you from the hot sun.

Hats for all went out of

Hats for all went out of style thanks to the proliferation of the automobile, simply because there wasn't enough headroom to wear a hat in the car.

It's Labor Day?

I thought it was Busy Season...
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//at work
///for a major accounting firm


There's still too many damn

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There's still too many damn parades out there. They inconvenience far more people than they are enjoyed by.

Albert Einstein

..reportedly said something something like.. "That men would want to march in neat little rows is quite enough to make me despise them."

Grouchy Concord Henry had his different drummer as well.