Hey, Staples, the kids of Boston demand you knock it off

Staples back to school

Photo by Greta Gaffin.

No, no, no, Staples, just knock it off and get rid of that back-to-school stuff.



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Summer ends

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after the Fourth of July.

If you think that's ridiculous

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I now live in California. All of the summer clothes are on clearance and they're starting to put out the winter clothes. If you go clothes shopping in August, you can choose from a wide array of corduorys, heavy knit sweaters, and shearling boots, when there's easily 3 months left of 80 degree temperatures.

The Target nearest me was selling cable-knit winter hats yesterday (July 19.) It didn't get cold enough last January for me to break out my winter gear. It's all still in boxes in the closet from when I moved.

This is one of my favorite

This is one of my favorite ads ever, if only for the mopey kids following after the gleeful dad.

But, yeah, I always haaaaaaaated the way retailers rushed the summer by starting "back to school" in July. Yes, I know some parts of the country go back in August. But not in New England, dammit!

I also assume this was to encourage people to start shopping earlier, but it always seemed like my mom took us to Bob's Surplus (or Bob's Stores) about two weeks before school started.


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I haven't heard someone call Bob's Stores called Bob's Surplus in well over a decade or more..

My grandma used to take me to the one in Middletown CT (the first Bob's) every summer for school clothes, then we'd usually head over to Caldor on Washington. I think I still have as Le Tigre shirt from Bob's in my basement (from 1987)

This used to be peak clearance sale time!

When my husband was a teacher, he'd go in and stock up on their super sales on very cheap filler paper and pens and the like!

Right now, we are actually looking for school supplies for our incoming college freshman. If they want to get college students to buy their supplies in the summer, they need to have a separate targeted sale cycle for that - without the crayons. Our high schooler won't even know what he needs until September!

I don't really remember

I don't really remember shopping early for school supplies in college. I probably did, but I also probably picked up a lot of my stuff the first week of school.

I bought

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four binders, four folders, some pens, paper, and highlighters before I left for freshman year of college.

Aside from having to replace paper and highlighters a few times at random, I got through four years of college with those four binders, four folders, and 10 pens.

Home Depot

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Does Home Depot have the Christmas decorations out yet?