Hey, where'd all this snow come from?

Snow in West Roxbury

The snow on Theodore Parker Street, West Roxbury. Photo by Daniel Guzman.

It was supposed to rain in Boston!



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Yeah, right?...

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I live over by the quarries in Westie and when I drove my car out to Centre Street I started sliding/skidding around...

OF COURSE Boston.com says nothing about this to warn anybody...!!!

Bigger than that!

The first ones here sounded like rain hitting the windows and some were bigger than my hand. We were calling them fat f*#k flakes. They look like birds in the pictures that I took looking up at the sky. Crazy!

Um, yeah . . .

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I didn't plan on having to shovel. Getting thick out there.

Break Out?

They've been out since that first dusting we had in early December.

Where I live

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Where I live in East Boston the space savers are out year round. I'm not kidding.

Got it covered. Personally,

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Got it covered. Personally, instead of a chair, I use a big pile of snow. It deploys itself and doesn't cost me a thing. And I dare the city to haul it away!

was this forecasted anywhere?

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why didn't I year two days of panic on local news before the storm? why can't I find anyone talking about it on TV now? lots of infomercials and college sports. it's actually kind of refreshing to have a storm that hasn't been crammed down my throat for a week. i'm taking the kids to build a snowman, it's good snowman snow.

Yes, the National Weather Service

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The NWS has been forecasting rain and possibly mixing with snow for today though the snow was more likely to be around dawn when it is colder.


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Please people, can we stop with the freaking out over a few inches of snow? It's winter, we're New England and thus there's going to be some snow from time to time. Expect it. Deal with it. Use your shovel. Plow the roads.

That is all. Over and out.

are you serious? We need

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are you serious? We need the news to report on stuff like this. I lead a busy life and make a lot of money and I can't be bothered with looking out the window to check if it's snowing or not. I need to know if there is snow on the ground so I can leave my house earlier to avoid traffic. I don't check the weather and I rely on the news to warn me when I need to wear a jacket or make my children shovel the driveway. GOD I still can't believe I wasn't warned about this!!!! Unbelievable that people can't do their frikkin' jobs!

Oh the Humanity!

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Think of all those poor people who believed the forecast for rain only and didn't put out their spacesavers!!!

Need better driver training

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Saw someone going too fast down the hill and blow through the stop sign to make a right turn. Guess what happens next?

yep, slippery conditions and the sudden weight shift from the turn caused the car to understeer and almost take out a mail storage box. Could have been much worse if there was a car coming from the opposite direction.

I agree

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I agree that we need more/better/a lot of driver training, and not just because of a lack of skill in winter driving.

In Quebec, they send student drivers out into the snow because winter is part of life and it's something that they are going to have to deal with. I can't say that no driving schools do this here but I've never seen it myself. I can just imagine all the over-protective Boston parents protesting about "endangering their children" if they did, then complaining about poor driver education a year later when their son wraps his Toyota around a tree with 2 inches of snow on the ground.

Got teens here

I took mine up to the empty high school parking lot. They were passengers while I took our recent purchase for a literal spin. (they don't have their permits yet, but one of them will soon and they are both of age). I was showing them what it meant to regain control of a vehicle.

My parents showed me how to use a parking lot as a learning center when it comes to snow. With each new vehicle, I've gone and put the vehicle through its paces on slippery ground. I spent a good hour when I had the first vehicle with anti-lock brakes, because I had to retrain.

I actually know a fair number of people in the area who do take their teens to snowy, empty parking lots and do winter driving practice. Most of them learned the same way (many from here, others from "lake effect" snow states). I think you are underestimating us parents. I'm betting it is people who learned to drive in warmer climates and then moved here have the worst skills. I've convinced many such friends in my time to do their "homework" and find a skid pad. One Australian was very thankful for the advice when he didn't hit a guardrail because he didn't panic.