South Shore man got lucky twice yesterday

Hingham Police reported yesterday:

Officer just stopped driver for speeding & driver was shaking. Said he just won $50K & was going to Lottery HQ. Showed him scratch ticket.

The officer let him continue on his way to Lottery HQ in Braintree with just a warning to slow down.



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apt illustration of our justice system

"Sir, you're breaking the law and posing a danger to everyone around you. I'm afraid this behavior has consequences".
"But I have a bunch of money. See?".
"Oh, I'm terribly sorry; be on your way then".

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I would have expected the cop

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I would have expected the cop to say "well ok, then I guess you can afford this then" (hands expensive ticket to lucky driver)

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Officer Discretion

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Verbal warning, written warning or civil fine are all left to the officer's discretion in traffic cases. Somehow, it's usually the loudmouths who earn the civil fine.

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