His name isn't Ignatz and this isn't Coconino County

Boston Police report a local man gained entrance to North River Outfitters, 124 Charles St., shortly before 2 a.m. by throwing a series of bricks at its front window until it shattered.

Unfortunately for James Watson, 48, all that crashing and smashing awoke a nearby resident, who called police, who arrived in time to arrest him on a charge of destruction of personal property.

Innocent, etc.





Is Ignatz's last name

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Ratzkywatzky? Trudy Kockenlocker is looking for you.

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"Sun Poster" - carte blanche for otherwise "saved" spaces?

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In response to the ridiculousness of "saved" parking spaces on otherwise public spots, you need to respond with equally ridiculous and frivolous activity. Spread the word that from now on a "Sun Poster" placed on the windshield of a vehicle grants that vehicle the right to park in previously earmarked space without retribution. Take a large, yellow poster board; draw a sun the full space of the poster board; and in bold, black Sharpie-lettering write, "Sun Ticket Trumps Space Saving - Vehicle Under Protection of Helios". Cover the whole thing in clear, packaging tape to protect it for future use. Or, laz(ier) or tech-smart people can create something suitable for printing. Maybe they can print out wads of these "sun tickets" and leave piles at corner establishments; etc. for people to grab and use.

Then, park your vehicle and place the sun ticket on your windshield. This has to be the "new thing" that everyone does in response to "space saving". After a few storms, it will become the "new normal".

Just sayin' - I live in the 'burbs so I could be unde-thinking this. But I do know I would be a royal PITA if a neighbor of mine "saved" a spot for future use.

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