West Roxbury Home Depot thief jumps into car, drives like maniac down parkway, gets boxed in by cops

A man who allegedly stole something from the Home Depot on VFW Parkway in West Roxbury around 8:45 p.m. jumped into his Passat and roared down the parkway inbound.

Cops on his tail spotted him speeding through two red lights before cops alerted to his presence down the road boxed him in by the Shell station and arrested his alleged GTA ass.



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"...alleged GTA a**."

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Ahem, it is my considered opinion that with the use of this most base phrase, this fine blog has seen its standards slip considerably.

Please do not continue down this road of unacceptable language. Choose not to imitate the likes of that company knows as "Big A** Fans." They have indeed crossed the line with a name like that; goodness knows what will become of the beloved and esteemed UH.

P.S. I really need to contribute to UH, but how can I do so anonymously?

GTA away!

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The use of GTA was totally appropriate under the circumstances, IMO.

Yes. That's what I meant.

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Yes. That's what I meant.

Amazing that no commenter took my initial comment as even POSSIBLY tongue-in-cheek...

Fan Company

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You know they really are ginormous fans - their largest is 24 feet in diameter. No Joke.

It is a company that started in 1999, they have an ass for a mascot (you know, a donkey, of the Wild African Ass family) and they used to have Refrigerator Perry as a spokesperson.

They've changed their name to Big Ass Solutions. And they give good lunch and learn presentations.

Talk about a hair across the butt.

How can it be GTA

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when he got into his own car? It's more likely not-so-grand theft barbecue grill or not-so-grand theft weed whacker.