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The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you know when and where you could pick up some of this elixir. See it larger.



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    looks like...

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    Doug Bennett's sign shop!

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    Location established!

    Now we just need to carefully scrutinize the window hardware and painted fonts to get the time frame right ...

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    N. Harlan

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    Google books returns a document that lists N. Harlan in American Bottler in 1904, and prohibition started in 1920.
    The place looks pretty run-down, so I'll take a WAG, 1925.

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    It's amazing how dull and

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    It's amazing how dull and ugly siding and satellite dishes make a building.

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    Real Question

    ...should be where is it now? I want porter at a dollar a case.

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    Best Guess

    538 Dorchester Avenue. The house next door would have been built around 1900, like 546 Dot Ave.

    Since they're still advertising IPA and Lager, I'm going to say pre-prohibition, 1915 to 1919.

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    The Answer

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    Thanks for playing! This is 538-546 Dorchester Ave on Nov 9, 1911.

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    oh well

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