A honey of an interview with Keytar Bear

Keytar Pre-Bear? Nat Tarbox took this in 2012.

Boston Magazine gives us an idea of the man behind the fur. Unlike other bears, he plans to hibernate over the summer. And he hates schoolkids.



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Keytar Bear only makes $25 a month? There are guys with Dunkin Donuts cups making more than that in a couple of hours.


Yes but he's a funny-looking bear

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and he always puts a smile on my face.

Also, he's amazingly dexterous for somebody wearing furry gloves.


OK, so what makes you happy?

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I realize we can't all agree on everything, but, jeez, here's this guy who makes a lot of people smile, and that's no easy thing on the T.


He's an American Hero

How do you keep your keytar lifestyle secret from your friends?

My friends don’t know at all, that’s the whole thing about it [laughs]. I stash the suit between my mattress in the bedroom.

It’s kind of like a superhero alter-ego.

Yeah, exactly. Pretty much. It’s like an alter-ego, and everybody should have one.

And what does he ask in return for this lifestyle of secrecy?

That’s the only way you can keep Keytar Bear alive, if you keep him in an air-conditioned environment surrounded by girls. If someone can donate a condo, throw a condo in there for me, and I’ll be perfect. That’s all I need to survive: a condo, a bunch of chicks. Simple.

I don't know if musicians are eligible for the Medal of Honor, but...


Wait - what?

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Gorgeous keytarbear is NOT covered in chicks?

Where do I sign up to cover him?



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He's really surprisingly good. I find most buskers kinda dull, but I always stop and listen to Keytar Bear when he's out.


the big deal is....

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he could be a "dunkin donuts cup guy"/panhandler and just ask/beg for money. "And he hates school kids"and so does anyone over 21, that rides the T during rush hours


Actually I thought that was a somewhat unfair characterization

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Actually I thought that was a somewhat unfair characterization by Adam. Keytar didn't say he hated schoolkids, he just said they were sometimes so hyper he had to take a break:

"I usually take a break around 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. because of the school kids, you know? They grab your ass during a selfie, they fool around. I used to be a school kid, too, but these little motherfuckers don’t want to go home. You have to turn off the music, like, ‘no more Keytar Bear for you, man, go home.’"


25 dollars

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$25.00 is what he tells the IRS... Give the bear a break-don't push him for real dollar amounts.


Yes, that is definitely him

I have seen a picture of Keytar Bear with the mask pushed up above his face (worn like a hat). I suspect it gets hot and he needs some fresh air now and then. Anyway, the unmasked picture significantly resembles the guy in the picture at the top of this thread. Pretty sure it's the same guy.


on rasism

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this guy gets my respect sounds like a happy go lucky type its too bad we live in a world where you have to be dressed up as an teddy bear in order to get some love