Horses on cobblestones

Horses on cobblestones in Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this photo. See it larger.



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    Wild guess--

    Judging by the Elevated visible at the end of the street & the architecture, it looks like Charlestown. I'm not up on streets et al. in Chucktown, but something about the streetscape reminds me of the area around Thompson Sq.

    Faniuel Hall

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    Faniuel for sure. I'm thinking that bar, The Point is on the right, Green Dragon on the left. Looking down towards Union Oyster House.


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    Perhaps looking down one of the lost side streets of the South End? Gotta be the New York Streets area; but I'm ruling out Cobb Street, since some part of the German church would surely pop up in the photo.

    I know this isn't it, but

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    I know this isn't it, but that alley / street has the feel of Marshall street , the home of the Bell in Hand at one time , just past the Union Oyster on Union street.

    Based on the sign reading The

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    Based on the sign reading The Tap in the photo, which still exists today I am also going with Union St, although this is probably the alley side which doesnt exist any more.

    I'm going to guess it's Union

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    I'm going to guess it's Union Street, and this is before the West End was demolished. The building you see on the left is where the Holocaust Memorial is now with Congress Street behind it. The structure at the end of the street might be what is now a parking garage above the Haymarket Station and maybe that's the elevated train visible?

    Well , that aspect of it

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    Well , that aspect of it reminded me right away of the service alleys that run the backside of Boylston street from A to H streets.

    The Answer!

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    Thanks for playing folks! This is Noanet Street, taken from Washington Street. Noanet Street no longer exists, but was located between Broadway and Castle St in the New York Streets area. The date is May 13, 1904.

    My 14 Noanet St. South End.

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    Yes, this is a photo of Noanet St. in the South End of Boston. This photo was taken in 1904.

    When lived on 14 Noanet St. in the mid-1940's, all the buildings in the right side of the photo had been torn down. We kids called that entire area "the brokey".
    To the extreme right there were railroad tracks over which Washington St. continued to Motte St. At the corner of Washington and Motte Sts. was the famous Columbia Theater. I was a fixture at that movie theater as a child.

    Looking at the tenement building on the left, I lived on the 3rd floor about 1/3 down the length of the building. There was an alleyway that separated this side of the tenement from the other side [that you cannot see] which faced Broadway.