Hotel, apartments in Cleveland Circle get BRA nod

Proposed Cleveland Circle project

The BRA gave its approval today to an $85-million project to replace the old Circle Cinema complex and the Applebee's in Cleveland Circle with a 162-room hotel and 92 units of mostly luxury housing.

The Boston Development Group has worked with - and often battled - residents for more than three years. Brookline has created a hotel "overlay" zone for the part of the project that would sit in that town.

District City Councilor Mark Ciommo spoke in favor. "It's been several years, a long process," he said. "I think it's a much better project than it was three years ago and even three months ago. ... This is a blighted site, it needs to be redeveloped."

Of the 92 units, 12 will be marketed at "affordable" rates. Initially, the units will be rented as apartments, but Boston Development Group plans to convert them to condos within a year or so after the project is completed.

Developers said they expected the remaining units will be too pricey to attract students, but said that one advantage of having a hotel as part of the complex is 24-hour security and management. "There will not be keg parties in this facility," a company rep promised.

Also planned: Boston Development Group will save the old round and black "CIRCLE" round-letters sign and re-use that on the site.

BRA documents on the project.



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    I like how they placed one

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    I like how they placed one cab stand on the Boston side and one on the Brookline side... as if any of the young people in the area would even bother using a cab.

    Umm, plenty of people in the

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    Umm, plenty of people in the area use cabs. A lot of the pretentious college kids love Uber as well.

    And guests at hotels obviously need cabs for getting to/from the airport, around the area, etc...


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    It's located at the end of the C line. Cabs are critical last mile options for anyone who took the C Line out to Cleveland Circle and need to go a bit further, particularly after the buses have stopped.

    Good Work by all parties!

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    It's nice to see this finally off the ground. Although everyone is not completely happy, the NEIGHBORHOOD needs this. Thank You ALL.


    Here's Hoping...

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    Here's hoping they fix make the rest of Cleveland Circle nicer. The strip mall (well, pretty much all restaurants, but still) could use some freshening up. Been hoping for a pedestrian overpass as well.

    Showcase Cinema?

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    WTF happened to Showcase taking over the theater??
    Was kinda stoked about there being a movie theater again...

    No more middle class

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    Another luxury high rise here and a low-income development on the riverway. Can't afford the high-rise and make too much money for the affordable housing.



    So don't live in either?

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    So don't live in either? There are plenty of options for the middle class in or around Boston. There's definitely a housing shortage but currently it's doable to live in Boston with a moderate income.

    This is America if you can't make money you're pathetic. If you make less than 60k then why are you living in Boston ?? Move back to the Midwest


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    If you think it's easy to live in Boston while making $60k, then you're obviously not a member of the middle class.


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    I think it's pretty doable to live in Boston while making less than 60k. I live a 10 min walk from Cleveland Circle and make much less than 60k while paying high student loans. Nobody needs to move back to the midwest, so calm down.


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    How's that "middle class housing for outer neighborhoods" plan going?

    You thought middle class

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    You thought middle class housing was going on the Chestnut Hill boarder? Why would that be the case? Besides, luxury is an over used term with little to no meaning used almost solely by marketers to drum up interest. They'll build this just like they build everything else in the mid tier. Then, if they can get luxury prices they will, and if they can't, they'll get middle class prices. That's the strategy of all but the highest of the high end buildings going up around town. We just aren't seeing the prices drop because supply is so out of whack with demand. But they'll keep constructing these mid-tier masquerading as "Luxury" buildings as long as we don't get another Mayor who decides he's the construction dictator, and eventual prices will drop.

    Compromise was key

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    Funny comment about this being too expensive haha. Some local residents made the opposite argument and said it was too cheap and will not bring "desirable" people into the neighborhood. The neighborhood has spoken very clearly as 171 letters in support vs 84 against, and the vast majority against came from the Waterworks. Speaking of the Waterworks, here comes their lawsuit over the easement!