Hothead, buttinski sparked bloody brawl at Cask 'n Flagon in May

Police, a patron and bar employees gave differing explanations today for how a Cask 'n Flagon customer wound up unconscious on the sidewalk, blood pouring out of the back of his head, at closing time on May 22.

At a Boston Licensing Board hearing, however, all agreed the action started with a man being ejected from the bar for the second time that night and a woman who had nothing to do with him who loudly objected to his treatment.

According to police and one patron/victim, bouncers unleashed a barrage of fists and feet on several people who joined the ensuing melee after the angry man left the second time with blood flowing down his face as he stumbled down the street. Police were unable to find that man.

A patron said he had left the bar a few minutes earlier and was waiting for his friends to come out when the woman - his friend's girlfriend - started screaming at the bouncers at point-blank range. He told the board his friend went to try to pull her away but instead found himself under attack by bouncers, who knocked him to the ground and then proceded to kick him repeatedly even though "he was unconscious and there was a pool of blood coming from the back of his head."

He said that's when he jumped in - going up to the bouncers and yelling at them to stop kicking his now unconscious friend. Instead of retreating, he said, a bouncer punched him in the face and smashed his glasses. Police said two other patrons also wound up being punched "numerous times" by bouncers.

Bar attorney Dennis Quilty and a bar bouncer, however, said bouncers were acting strictly in self defense, starting with the original angry man. Quilty said that guy tried to use his own fists to beat his way back into the bar and that when bouncers tried to push him back, he fell down some steps, opening up a gash on his face.

Quilty and the bouncer said the woman did more than just scream - she threw her cell phone at one bouncer's face and slapped another in the face.

The man lying unconscious on the ground? Quilty and the bouncer said he might have fallen as another bouncer was trying to get the man to stop biting that bouncer's finger. "He really sunk into his finger," the bouncer who testified said. "It was like he was trying to rip his finger off his hand."

The bouncer denied that he or any of the other bouncers kicked anybody when they were down and said he certainly didn't punch anybody - that's not what bouncers at the Cask 'N' Flagon do.

The board decides Thursday what action, if any, to take.



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    who knew...

    ... there were people willing to go to blows just to get back into cask?

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    Damn Do-Gooders

    Ive worked in bars. There is always some pain-in-the-butt do-gooder who injects themselves into a situation and just creates a bigger problem.

    If you're being thrown out, it is usually for good reason.

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    Not always a good reason

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    And seeing how bouncers are always such upstanding members of the community, and certainly never throw sucker punches at people who aren't really involved. It's probably going to take someone dying, but eventually something is going to have to be done to put these wanna be tough guys under control. BPD clearly doesn't give a shit unless someone's handing out free beers, and basically give these goons free reign unless it ends up on youtube.

    And also, the cask doesnt have security camera's on it's front door and patio? Bullshit.

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    I don't know about the staff at The Cask, as I favor other

    pre-Sox spots these days. But doors manned by borderline-sociopathic, roided-out meatheads aren't hard to find in Boston. Stories of bars and clubs being held responsible for the overly violent treatment of customers by bouncers appear regularly on Uhub.

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    no video? Strange that a lot of patrons appeared to "fall". Rack up Tom Petty's Free Falling.

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    I have a friend who had his

    By on

    I have a friend who had his leg broken by one of those bouncers...

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