House and horse

House and horse in old Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can figure out where this house was, who owned it and when the picture was taken. See it larger.




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    That would've been my guess

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    Pre-Shamrock shutters.

    Granted, I think in Curley's mind he owned ALL the houses in Boston. Your property taxes were just a form of rent.

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    The Curley House is a brick house of a different style and has no wall in front (although I know a wall can be torn down).

    I wish I knew what/where this house is--if it still exists.

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    Next best guess

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    Honey Fitz' house. Tried looking it up on google without luck, but I figure if it's from 100 years ago and they are asking who lived there - probably somebody famous. Kennedys lived in Brookline.

    So if not a home owned in an earlier era by Curley - Honey Fitz house on the street where he lived. Around 1900 - thus the horse.

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    Mission hill

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    My guess is across from the corner of Parker St. and Oscar St.

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    The Answer!

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    Thanks for playing, folks! This house is located in Eliot Square in Roxbury, and the photograph was probably taken circa 1880-1890, possibly earlier.

    Some more background information.... The photograph is labelled "1 Eliot Square, Dr. Cotting's house" but is undated. To find the date, I looked at tax records for homes in Eliot Square and in 1895 found that a Dr. Benjamin Cotting owned a home in Eliot Square in 1895 and was listed as having lived there for several years. (I didn't have time to trace the home's ownership back much past 1895). The home also has a alternate address of 76 Bartlett Street.

    In 1895, Dr. Cotting lived at this home with Edward Fisk, a 39 year old clerk, and Franklin Stephenson, a 47 year old surgeon in the US Navy. Likely there were also women living in the house, but women are generally not listed in our tax records from this period.

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    20th Century Fox House?

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    I guess it's the William Fox mansion on Metropolitan Ave, Roslindale in 1914.

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