House could boot first member in 98 years

MassLive reports on the impending vote to expel state Rep. Carlos Henriquez (Dorchester).

The NAACP wants a delay.

Howie Carr (yep) wonders why him and not the other elected wrongdoers.



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Howie Carr

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is the White version of Jesse Jackson/ Al Sharpton. They all make money by sensationalizing events/actions regarding the opposite race.

How about a ballot measure

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How about a ballot measure that any member of the legislature convicted of a felony is automatically expelled and that all convicted felons are ineligible for any public office?

Heck I'd be fine requiring them to undergo regular drug testing to ensure their fitness for office.

Why is it that politicians are held to a lower standard of employment than most of us?

Misdemeanor offence

The NAACP letter stated that Henriquez was convicted (on appeal) of two misdemeanor offences (assault and battery), not felonies, so your ballot measure would not apply. The Governor and others need the female vote, so naturally don't want to defend any wife beaters or girlfriend beaters. That looks bad, but doesn't quite explain all the energy expended going after Henriquez.

I am uncomfortable with this

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I am uncomfortable with this guy being led into the hearings in hand cuffs. I feel he is being paraded around and it's shameful. Does his crime warrant his appearances in cuffs?

I agree that they seem to be going overboard with this one. There was an incident with Fresolo (western part of the state rep) and he was allowed to leave quietly. His actions were pretty bad, difference being he left quietly I guess.

You know why

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He's being "paraded around", because the stubborn SOB wont resign. His handcuff of a requirement of his incarceration, which he got himself in. In all reality he's lucky they don't make him wear a jumper and leg shackles, which is rather typical when transporting a PRISONER.

More jail time than robbers get

In a compassionate state with no death penalty and where many criminals with long records don't get any jail time for many crimes, one has to ask why a guy with no record gets 6 months in jail for two assault & battery convictions instead of probation and mandatory attendance of some counseling program. People who invade homes and steal for drug money often get less or no jail time. It should have been a mistrial when the defense was not informed of or given a copy of an Arlington Police Department report prior to the jurors hearing it as evidence, yet the judge said all was good.

One has to really wonder who Henriquez pissed off or why the Middlesex DA/court was out for his blood. Who is looking to advance their career at any cost?

Even if he avoided jail

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He should step down. He doesn't want to keep his job because he care about his constituents, he wants his fucking paycheck and pension.

A pension for state reps?

Ha, we pay them not to work when they actually have a job, then we pay them not to work when they leave the job.

I should run for office on the platform of "I won't take a pension and I'll do the job for a dollar a year less than the incumbent."

Do you have a source for this?

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where many criminals with long records don't get any jail time for many crimes

Please demonstrate exactly how out of line the politician's sentence was. Show your work.

An example

Sentences are rarely reported, but here is Edwin Alemany, who graduated to murder:

The case was continued without a finding. That means he gets no criminal record if he behaves himself.

2002 Newton District Court: six charges
■ Breaking and entering at night.
■ Possession of burglary tools.
■ Receiving stolen property over $250 (four counts).

Disposition: B&E, Possession — admitted to sufficient facts and case was continued without a finding until Dec. 9, 2004. He was ordered to do 50 hours of community service, get evaluated for drug and alcohol use, pay restitution to four victims, maintain employment, and stay away from victims. He did not do community service, was unemployed, and did not go in for evaluation.

Why does one get such a

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Why does one get such a sentence? Well, after Jared Remy how can a prosecutor let a domestic violence case with a ton of publicity get anything less.


Why should Henriquez pay for the screw ups and favoritism of the Waltham police and Middlesex DA/courts towards Jared Remey?

Do college kids with no records go to jail for 6 months for a bar or parking lot brawl, where they probably swung more than two punches. Anybody lose an eye or break a bone?

I'm not saying Henriquez isn't a d-bag (like many in the Legislature), just that he didn't get fairly treated by Middlesex DA and court.

In Fairness

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Those kids usually have the good sense to plead guilty to a reduced charge, knowing they'd be convicted at trial if they tried the victim-blaming arrogance that this guy and his lawyer pulled here.

Don't you feel violated

Don't you feel violated if someone breaks into your home? That is what many people report. Much more severe physical violence happens with bar and sporting event fights. I suppose football, hockey, and other sports are like rough sex - consensual violence. The point is that Middlesex DA went way overboard on somebody with no record. Should they ruin everyone's future, giving them a record and jail time for a misdemeanor instead of say, probation and mandated counseling? Just wait until some friend of yours gets screwed in order to advance cops, ADA etc. career and some cause.

How can he expect to hold the

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How can he expect to hold the job when he cant show up to the workplace, sheesh.! Do that in the private sector and it is stealing time, a fire-able offense .

He names a long list of

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He names a long list of white politicians who have committed crimes, so he's a racist? After having made a career out of attacking white politicians? I think your dictionary must be different than mine.

Bye, woman-beater

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The MA legislature voted 146-5 to expel the guy.

The State House News ‏reports that Reps. Fox, Holmes, Provost, Sciortino, Swan voted against expulsion. (Fox, Holmes and Swan are A-A, for those keeping track of such things)


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Does it matter that Fox, Holmes, and Swan are Asian-Americans?

Re: And, your point is....?

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From what I can tell, they are not the only African-Americans in the chamber. So, that means there were some black votes in favor of expulsion.