Houses broken into on Bellevue Hill in West Roxbury

Michael Loconto reports some homes in the area of Cowing and LaGrange streets were broken into this morning, all entered via basement windows after their residents had gone off to work.



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The Quickest way to end the B&E spree

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Too bad there were not a few more Second Amendment enthusiasts living in the area waiting for them as they broke in to their homes. Oh, how quickly that particular crime wave would come to an end. Police can't be everywhere. And as the NRA says: "When you need a cop in seconds, they are only minutes away." .God Bless the NRA.. And this folks, is one of the reasons we have a Second Amendment.

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I presume you're trolling...

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but since its Friday, I'll lower the drawbridge.

First, I would be interested to know where this neighborhood ranks w/r/t legal gun ownership (the kind promoted by the NRA) in the City. My guess is that is has either the highest or near highest rate.

The NRA quote is one of my favorites, which is often repeated by my relations who live in the countryside where it is probably true. I don't know for sure, but my guess is that if you dialed 911 in that neighborhood for something like a B&E in progress, you'd have a Boston cop there in one minute or less.

Lastly, on an unrelated note, did everyone see the great piece a photojournalist did for a German magazine on gun ownership in America? I must admit, after the picture with the infant/toddler's hand dangling remarkably close to a handgun, the thing that struck me most had nothing to do with guns, and everything to do with healthcare. Eeeek.

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The original commenter might

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The original commenter might have been trolling.

I suspect West Rox is permit central in Boston because of the number of city and state employees which live there.

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Burglary does not equal home

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Burglary does not equal home invasion. B&E cannot be met with lethal force in this state unless the victim has clear cause to fear mortal injury upon them self. Lethal force isn't legal for defense of property here. Only for the defense of people.

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I'm no legal expert but

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I'm no legal expert but wouldn't this fall under the "castle doctrine?" If memory serves me correctly wasn't some such law passed and signed under the King admin?
Also the key word here is "reasonable" fear, not "clear" fear as you have stated.

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The castle doctrine only

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The castle doctrine only means that you don't have to retreat before resorting to self defense; you still have to have reason apprehension of imminent bodily harm.

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Are the lowest, scummy and ratty form of crime. More of these criminals should be lucky enough to break into a house that's occupied by someone with balls.

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Occupied by an _armed_ someone...

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...or is it more like "troopers are your best protection?"

Maybe that's it. I mean, so many bumper stickers around here say that, so it must be true.

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Two words

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Bear traps.

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