How many more years do you think this building has?

Kaze in Chinatown

With the new Hong Lok apartment building going in behind it, how many more years do you think it will be before some developer submits plans to tear down this two-story Japanese restaurant at Harrison and Essex and put up a high rise?



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    Not sure about Kaze, but most

    places in Boston that describe themselves as shabu-shabu (Japanese) are really doing Chinese hot pot. Not a meaningful distinction to most diners, and they're all pretty good. Kaze was my favorite in Chinatown until the new Q Restaurant (of the incredibly cheesy TV commercials) came along; I think its broths are a bit better. If you haven't tried it, it's a really fun way to dine out (and a bargain), but I wouldn't do it with anyone you wouldn't share a fork with, as you will be cooking raw meats, seafood and vegetables in a couple of common pots of broth.


    A highrise, don't think so,

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    A highrise, don't think so, the buildings on the right side of the new building are not highrises, this building will probably will remain as a two story, grandfathered in.


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    Have you eaten at this Shabu place? It's Goooood.
    Don't Eff w/the Shabu.


    Me? I have, indeed

    Used to be my favorite; now it's a close second to Q. Shabu-Zen is nothing to sneeze at, either, though I like their Allston outlet better.


    I am even more concerned

    I am even more concerned about the building down Harrison ave to the left of this frame. Remember it was cited and evacuated after major structural problems were identified? As far as I can tell they did they bare minimum repairs and the place still has signs announcing its availability. After the collapse of the fascia of the parking garage on Beach (which was slowly repaired) I question the structural integrity of a number of buildings in this area, not just for the occupants but the people walking the streets below.



    Yes, it looks prime for redevelopment. I was wondering the same thing a couple weeks ago. The public record shows several nearby lots owned by the same individual/company. There might be one parcel missing, though.

    The Oxford Street building that was closed to occupancy last year should just be torn down. It's still listed for sale after 1224 days for $5,999,0000. Annual taxes are around $47,000 so the owners must be paying it while expecting an eventual windfall at closing.

    The best location down there for a big development is the corners of Stuart and Tremont streets - kitty corner to the W Hotel and across the street from the Transportation Building (Panera) and across the street from the Wilbur. There are six or seven buildings there, all owned by different people. This is where the Tam and Intermission Lounge are located. Those buildings could be replaced by a massive mixed use project.

    Rumor is that Emerson wants that corner but the owners aren't willing to sell - or can't agree between them what their properties are worth.

    Yes, you can lament the loss of the Tam and the Intermission Lounge but at least one of them, if not both, were relocated here from elsewhere in the neighborhood (the Intermission Lounge for sure, having been on Washington Street, no?). Nothing would be lost by having the NY Pizza and Japanese restaurants closed.


    Harry's Bar

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    Didn't that building used to be Harry's Bar in the 70s and 80s? It used to have a sign with a big finger pointing downward. Across the street was the gay bar Playland.