So how many things are wrong with this poster for a new steak place?

Poster advertising Nick Varano's new steak place in the Park Plaza. Guess he's not too concerned about how many women patrons he'll get - or about his spelling.

The photo of the poster is by Charles Draghi, who knows something about the restaurant business himself and who has some choice comments about the poster in the comments under the photo.

UPDATE, Monday morning: The poster is gone, replaced by one showing a woman balancing on one high heel on an uncooked steak .



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Nice to meat her. Does she have a steak in this too?


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On rare occasions, she is.


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They could use a good grilling, yes.

What's It Supposed To Be?

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It appears to be a lady who's just been knocked unconscious. So they're draping a piece of raw meat on her face so she doesn't get a black eye?!!

Someone should first check to make sure the unfortunate looking woman doesn't have a concussion, and whoever designed and approved the poster should also have their heads examined!


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Someone should first check to make sure the unfortunate looking woman doesn't have a concussion,

I bet that they Photoshopped the meat and the hook in later. I bet that she probably had no idea what the finished product would be, though I am sure that they could find a model to do such a thing too.

I actually find this to be pretty hillarious

In and of itself, this image seems kind of shocking ... the problem is that these sorts of images with superimposed text to try to lure you to restaurants, to get you to use services of the hotel, to sexify otherwise banal generica - all of it is so commonplace as to be almost background noise.

Walk through three airports in a week and stroll through three upscale convention areas and there are numerous sorts of images like these ... adding the steak, on a hook, is actually a pretty funny twist. Over the top, but hillarious.

Why are dees broads

mad? Maybe dey jus donn get the arthuristic value of a broad on her back waiting for her 350 pound valentino to get back from foswoots so he can bring her out for a t-bone.

As an Italian American myself

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As an Italian American myself, that is a pretty accurate portrayal of how a lot of italians speak and I got a laugh out of it. Not offended at all. But would you imitate maybe an Asian or African American like that? I highly doubt it. You would 100% be labeled racist on here.

As an Italian American myself

I can tell you that Nick Varano spent many years in front of a mirror practicing that particular dialect. You think it;s easy saying Sh-trega all the time?

He's certainly has, and it is

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He's certainly has, and it is funny, but they still would not imitate Asians or African Americans like that.

Ex State Rep Carlos Henriquez

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Was going to be the Celebrity Spokesman, but the Billerica House of Corrections was in lockdown the day of the photo shoot, so they went with Plan B.

What's wrong with proclaiming

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What's wrong with proclaiming your sexuality in a public place? Like a restaurant ad or maybe even a parade? This is "disgusting" according to you people, and it is a bit racy, but you will call someone a bigot for not wanting sexuality flaunted at a parade?

They don't just want to walk

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They don't just want to walk in the parade. They were allowed to march just like everybody else. But they didn't just want to just march. They HAVE to
push an agenda. Not the first agenda driven group denied and certainly not the last. Pro-Life/Pro-choice groups, and even an anti-busing ( which EVERYONE in South Boston agreed about, you liberals might not know) have also been denied without much circumstance.

Poor Anon

Can't see a woman in a sexualized image and a piece of steak together without thinking about what the gay people in his neighborhood must be doing in their bedrooms tonight.

Most of us would take that as a sign that we needed professional help.

Give him a break

Out and Proud has totally ruined the Down Low for him. No dicks on display at L Street anymore gives him a sad.

How happy

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are you going to be when St. Pat's is over and the Southie homophobes crawl back under their rocks?

That advert

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What's wrong with proclaiming your sexuality in a public place?

That advert isn't so much about sexuality, it's more about subjugation, in my opinion. And I'm someone who isn't as attuned to the feminist view of things and not as sensitive to what they are sensitive to.

Nothing turns on a woman more

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Than being used as bait for the kill. Honestly, these images are unoriginal and do nothing but make the Nick Varano brand kind of cheesy. I hope they have plenty of Viagra to hand out to the horny men who will hope to get lucky and dangle their own piece if meat and the end of the night. I think men who get turned on by these images are a bit full of themselves and kind of douche-baggy.

Verano should have included a second female atop the first

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Nick Verano's only mistake was not including a second female or better yet, a transgender atop the first woman. Verano would have been a shoo-in for the Caroline Kennedy (sometimes Schlossberg) "Profiles in Courage" Award, just two months away. Instead, the picture of the woman solo is met with disgust.

Leave it to the trolls

to respond to disgust at the vulgarity and degradation inherent in this image by suggesting an even more exploitative one would be an improvement. If you think you're a wit, you're half right.

Upscale steak houses were the

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Upscale steak houses were the rage 6 or 7 years ago, Strega is a day late and a buck short, when it comes to food trends.

You'd think, but not really

The upscale steakhouse is still most Americans' first or second choice for a big-ticket meal out. It's also the bulwark of business entertaining, much to my chagrin. (It's a first-world problem, admittedly, but I'm bored shitless by luxury steakhouses; I can wet-age and grill prime beef at home.) Nine out of 10 visiting clients, given a choice of venue, will opt for a steakhouse, and worse, it's usually a national chain that has an outlet in their own hometown. I occasionally win with a gentle suggestion to try something with a bit more local flavor and/or adventurousness, but only rarely.

The number of them has only grown in the last few years; every time one closes, two more seem to pop up in its place. Let's see: Morton's, two Smith & Wollenskys, The Palm, Del Frisco's, Capital Grill, Ruth's Chris, Fleming's, the various Met whatevers, Abe & Louie's, Mooo....., The Stockyard. If I'm lucky, I can get them to a good locally-owned one like Bogie's Place, Grill 23, or Boston Chops. The Italian chophouses are a good alternative, too: preferably Prezza, Davio's in a pinch. Varano isn't necessarily misjudging demand here, and the fact that the concept isn't trendy is a big part of the appeal of this category.

Slim, I have to ask

Grill 23 is still my favorite, and I've been to all of the places on your list. What's your take on Grill 23?

Still a fan of everything about Grill 23

except for the punishing noise levels (it's a little quieter upstairs). Superior boutique-ranch prime beef, a couple of dry-aged cuts (which I favor -- most places only wet-age), a great bargain of a steak frites (prime skirt), and excellent bartending if you stick to Rat Pack classics; they don't subscribe to the Drink/Hawthorne craft school.

Grill 23 is the greatest and

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Grill 23 is the greatest and their staff meal Mac and cheese is one of the best dishes I've ever had. I used to work nearby and sometimes employees would hook me up with some leftover staff meal and it was always beyond amazing.

I understand where your

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I understand where your coming from, I do not know how well the Strega steakhouse in Woburn is doing, But, If I were the owner of a chain of resturaunts , I would use this approach before opening up a new establishment, I would not associate my brand name or (Owners name)to the newest resturaunt, I would keep it hush until the reviews come out, if the reviews are extremely positive, then and there the owner should come foreward and wow the critics..also, I would simply give it an obscure name that's not tied to the brand name. There maybe people who are critical towards Varano's ways and methods of running an establishment , look at it this way, people in Boston should praise him for his endeavors, he is helping the economy by hiring young adults in Boston, who knows, he could be Boston's next Anthony Athanas(Anthony's Pier 4 )

Well that seals it for me

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I've never eaten at a Varano restaurant because I always thought he seemed like a ridiculous, over-the-top sleazeball. I could never really put my finger on it, but his commercials always rubbed me the wrong way. Now I know that I never will patronize any of his establishments.

I'm not sure if he's behind the creative of this ad, but I'm assuming he must have approved it somewhere along the way. What a piece of garbage.

Paulie Walnuts " I'll do

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Paulie Walnuts " I'll do anything for Nick" at his grand opening day at Strega waterfront location. Lol

Will he have movie stars for his grand opening back bay location , red carpet the whole nine yards.

Will the cast of Sopranos be at this grand opening, red carpet whole nine yards, and all the how youse doin, good luck Nick videos.


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A woman in a somewhat provocative pose eating steak dangling from a string. Doesn't quite appeal to me, but I also don't quite get the big offense here either. Hey, let's have a big internet hissy-fit about it anyways.

willfully obtuse much?

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Look again: it's not a string, it's a metal chain and a meat hook. I can see why you wouldn't get why some people are offended seeing as you can't even detect the difference between a string and a meat hook on a chain.

Stop having a hissy fit about

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Stop having a hissy fit about my hissy fit. Which wasn't really a hissy fit to begin with, I was just saying I never liked Varano from the beginning.

Raw Meat Models Inc

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Actually if anyone bothered to do any research into this they would have found out that this particular model will only work for raw meat on a hook.
And they really really wanted to use her for this.

Oh and she is famous for the laying on her back with the look that says, "Gee I can't wait for this meat place to open."

So everyone just back off a little and get ready for Passover!

Oh goody!

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They'll just fire the intern responsible for it, offer Mother's Day specials and all is forgotten.

Obviously people aren't

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Obviously people aren't really be offended by this they just want to be.

More obviously,

some people don't have the wherewithal to understand why someone might genuinely consider it offensive.

It what we all want really

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Isn't being offended what we all want really? If we are really being honest with ourselves.
Being offended. It's what the smarter people really want.


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I am sure it was because the meat had expired. You know, health codes and all that....

Honestly confused

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Is this a steak joint or a strip club? I'm not particularly offended, but both posters seem to be telling me that this is a place aiming at the Old Boys Club crowd...

The concept is luxury steakhouse

The sniggering innuendo inherent in the name (and underscored by the early marketing) is thrown in free of charge. I think it will be Classy with a Capital C in the same way all Varano establishments are.

Old Boys

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I am the Vice President of the Old Boys Club and liking things like this was not in out original charter.

Imagery may offend, but spelling shouldn't

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You can't really ding them for their spelling, Adam. 'Ambiance' with an 'a' has always been a perfectly legitimate alternate spelling for the borrowed french word, even if it hasn't been as popular as the 'e' version since the 1970s. Suffixes in english versions of borrowed latinate words are often spelled with more open vowels than their progenitors.


"ambience" was the norm, until the mis-spelling "ambiance" became so common that people stopped recognizing it as a mis-spelling.(the "a" version may be right in French, but the "e" version was the English language spelling for almost 200 years)