How would 'Turkey in the Straw' sound on a piano?

Turkey on Boylston Street

Jenny Musch spotted this turkey trying to peck her way into M. Steinert and Sons on Boylston Street early this morning.



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    Uh oh

    Is the TLF is scouting out an underground command center?

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    Flying from the tops of the

    Flying from the tops of the tallest trees singed by the blazing sun on the hills of Brookline to running through the coldest darkness of the Stygian abyss below Boylston Street we will FIGHT our GLORIOUS fight to liberate our ancestral homelands from human trespass.

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    Someone citizensconnected

    Someone citizensconnected this guy this morning as well, perched on what looks like the fence in front of LJ Peretti.

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