Hot diggity dog: Soon you won't have to wait for a Sox game to buy a Fenway Frank in a bun

The Zoning Board of Appeals today approved a plan by the Red Sox to operate a hot-dog stand on the Lansdowne Street side of Fenway Park whenever the Red Sox aren't playing.

Sox attorney Dennis Quilty did not specify exact hours, but noted that under its existing food-serving license, Fenway can sell food until 2 a.m.

The stand, to be called Fenway Franks, will also sell burgers and soda, he said, adding, however, that beer will not be on the menu.

He said the Sox are also preparing a formal request for a food truck on Yawkey Way.



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    The Zoning Board really

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    The Zoning Board really earned their money on this one. Thank GAWD someone in this city is out there making sure that an organization already selling hundreds of thousands of hot dogs doesn't just up and serve another thousand without first justifying the existence of some bureaucrats. BRA! VO!

    Take it up with the mayor

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    City zoning codes currently require ZBA approval for all take-out places. And unlike other kinds of zoning approvals, these are tied only to the specific applicant. Those of us in Roslindale who were eagerly awaiting Seven Stars recall that it was tied up for months because they couldn't get a ZBA hearing, and never mind the location had been a take-out place for roughly all of recorded time before they came along.

    The idea, I think, is not to create more work for the ZBA and lawyers, but to ensure applicants have a plan in place to minimize the kind of trash a take-out place can generate.

    Horrible hot dogs

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    Fenway Franks are cheap, overcooked, and served New England style on a soft squishy breadlike substance. Every Tom Dick and Harry sausage stand has better products.

    Going on a limb here

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    I suspect the market is not people who would otherwise be going to, say, Tasty Burger, but the tourists who now flock to Fenway.

    Something tells me that Blue

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    Something tells me that Blue Hill Ave and American Legion aren't heavily traveled by tourists. But yeah, they have far better dogs.


    I've only been to the American Legion location (as it is much closer). Any reason to check out the Blue Hill Simco's as well?

    Come on

    you know taste buds react positively to Fenway franks after 17 beers.

    Where have you gone , Joe &

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    Where have you gone , Joe & Nemo , or for that matter. , Dirty John ( corner of Washington & Lagrange ) ? Now , those were hot dogs. , Fast & cheap !