Hyde Park Avenue to get first burrito place

The Boston Licensing Board next week hears a request from Teresa Munoz to open the Burrito Factory at Hyde Park Avenue and Canterbury Street in Roslindale, diagonally across from Delicias Dominicanas.

The avenue, which stretches from Forest Hills to Readville, currently has no restaurants that focus primarily on burritos.

The board's hearings begin at 10 a.m. on Wednesday in its eighth-floor hearing room in City Hall.



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Great, but...

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The parking issue in that area is bad for business, I've been hoping for a mexican restaurant in this area, but just thinking where to park would deter me. I think the space across the police station and Ron's ice cream on the square would have been better. We need an Anna's Taqueria or Boca Grande in this area!!!

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Beats an empty storefront,

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Beats an empty storefront, which I think is what's there now.

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Didn't hurt the previous tenant

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They moved across the street and expanded. Also, there is a small lot behind the storefront on Canterbury. In addition, there is the entire length of Hyde Park Ave- the parking is not that bad on that street.

I'm probably just being crotchety, but my griping about the Chinese takeaway across the street, or specifically the parking at the Chinese takeaway across the street, gives me little sympathy for the plight of parkers in that particular area. The commercial area was developed when the automobile wasn't a consideration, when people would hop the street car either to Arborway or Mattapan. I would guess that they will get the business, just as Delicias got the business.

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HPA has always seemed like a

HPA has always seemed like a neighborhood-y kind of place where people would walk there from home. A good burrito place would do a lot of delivery anyway.

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Hyde Park Ave

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really needs some love from the city - I'm thinking Somerville Ave style improvements. That area has so much potential.

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HPA = 128

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There are some good businesses on HPA, but for much of it, it merely seems like a high speed expressway to somewhere else.

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