If he can't have his cake, he'll just fly to Ireland instead

Rather than just sitting there at the St. Patrick's Day roast while that woman from Dorchester MCs, City Councilor Bill Linehan will instead be in Limerick, Ireland, the Globe reports.



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The article states he was

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The article states he was invited and honored to participate in the parade. He's not running away from the breakfast. Southie bashing in 3, 2, . . .1!

It is truly an inspiration

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It is truly an inspiration watching you fight on against the completely non-existent War on Southie. Congratulations to you and what I'm sure is a beautiful persecution complex.

Uh huh

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This borders on being very creepy.

Wearing of the rainbow

As Limerick is one of the many Irish cities that has no problem with LGBT groups marching in their St. Patrick's Day parades, he has some opportunity here. He could march with a gay group there or at least announce his support and his hope for a more inclusive one here.

I don't believe we should count on either of those.

Most people dont have an issue with the

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"LGBT community." They have an issue with having it rammed down their throat. You want be be accepted, well stop acting like you're fucking special/better than others. Its like everyone is isn't openly vocal about how AWESOME the gay community is, is anti gay.


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If only those gays would dress up like Imperial Storm Troopers! Now that's what I'm talking about when I think of St. Patrick.

Curious if you've ever been to the Dorchester Day parade. There's always a Duck Boat full of gay people, who seem to spend all their time just dancing and waving and smiling at people.

I take my daughter every year and not once has anybody from the Dot Out float ever tried to make her gay, any more than any of the Vietnamese veterans have ever tried to force her to enlist in the ARVN.


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In other words, you're fine w/people being gay, you just don't want to see them or for them to want equal treatment. Gotcha.


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It just doesn't need to be a fucking daily discussion/ display.

If gays and lesbians were

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If gays and lesbians were treated equally by the law and by their fellow citizens, it wouldnt be any more a daily discussion than heterosexual issues are.

It's called perseverance.

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It's called perseverance.

Some people aren't willing to give up until they win.

you mean like the "Irish" community in Boston?

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"Irish community."

AKA all the people in Boston who "ram down our throats" St Patrick's day.

You know, the people who think that a relative or two in the family tree coming across the pond a hundred-plus years ago means they're "Irish" and this entitles them to do everything from being miserable human beings ("I'm not an asshole, that's just my Irish temper") to get falling-down-drunk, break shit, and puke green beer all over my shoes/doorstep/potted plants/car/etc on St. Patrick's day. Especially since the Irish themselves don't do this on St. Patrick's day.

Here's a protip: if you can't speak more than 6 words of Gaelic and you can't name more than 2-3 cities in Ireland, YOU'RE PROBABLY NOT "IRISH". Yes, even if you have a four-leaf clover (or fighting leprechaun) tattoo.


How dare you equate certain activities on a certain day of the year as a blanket statement about a certain ethnic group?

As the son of Irish immigrants I have no leprechaun tattoos, no inspiration to root for Norte Dame, no love of the South Boston Parade, no love for corned beef and cabbage. What I do have is a love for my heritage. I've been to many parts of Ireland, many times. I can speak a few phrases of Irish. However, your litmus test of my heritage is nothing but an ethnic slur.

So what if people identify themselves a certain way. Get over it.

Please jump your deeply troubled rear in front of a snowplow this afternoon.

you're the one who thinks you're special

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You do realize that the LGBT community is currently being excluded from the parade, and just wants to be included as an equal part of the parade, not as the guests of honor? Because based on what you said, it sounds like you think they want to be crowned the kings and queens of the parade. Here in reality land, they actually just want to be included.

If the "LGBT Community" (or, as I like to call it, the LGBT Community, because it isn't a mythical creature and doesn't need quotes), demanded that everyone in Southie invite a gay person over for dinner and wait on them hand and foot and praise them for how awesome they are, then yes, they LGBT would be acting special and ramming their specialness down your throat. but that's not what's going on here. The LGBT community is asking to participate in a cultural event - to celebrate a culture where gay people actually do exist - and there is nothing special about that. We're not asking for you to say "YOU'RE SO AWESOME!" We're asking to be included, equally. The only thing the LGBT community thinks is anti-gay is being left out of something for the mere fact that they're gay.

It's quite a big jump to interpret someone who's saying "hey, please include me!" and think they're saying "hey, call me pretty and tell me how awesome and superior I am or I'll call you a bigot!" If that's how you're interpreting this, you should check your temperature and make sure no one's slipping you LSD.

The group of Straight Males on Gay Pride Day

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What would be the reaction if a group calling themselves The Straight Males demanded to be included in the Gay Pride Parade? Just asking.

The Hurley case was one of the most important free speech cases in the last 50 years.

Thanks, Irish-American Gay and Lesbian Association, you helped limit the power of the state to dictate the content and message of public assemblies. By losing 9-0 in the Supreme Court.

They would have been in the parade years ago if they didn't go the Southie-bashing route and file lawsuits against a poor veterans' group, which they never imagined they'd lose in the Supreme Court. Nobody really cares except for that.


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So... no gay real Irish Americans, is that your basic point here?

straight people who were actually gay demanding to be in the Gay Pride march would be the actual parallel scenario. This is Irish Americans who want to be in the parade and open about their identity.

you are incoherent

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I am not sure what you are trying to say. I remember how this started. Irish GLIB started a confrontation with a small veterans' group in South Boston. They did not negotiate, they demanded.

They were sure that with a white-shoe law firm like Ropes and Gray backing them, they would win. They lost.

Naturally, there are hard feelings. Maybe if they apologized to John Hurley and the people of South Boston for their elitist and classist legal offensive, they might make progress.

Keep telling yourself

... that being a straight, white male makes you special and gives you special rights to be a nasty prig.

It isn't true, but it probably makes you feel special.

Some quality parroting there

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I'd say I hear or read the phrase "rammed down our throats," on average, five to ten times a week. It is always, ALWAYS, in reference to LGBT rights. Nobody uses this phrase for anything else. So please, continue parroting your talking points from the conservative echo chamber as though you have an original thought.

in the case of the parade, actually true

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Irish GLIB went to the SB Veterans' Council who ran the parade and demanded to be included. They did not ask, they instigated a confrontation with a poor veterans' group mostly made up of World War II and Korean War veterans. They had Ropes and Gray already lined up to sue. Nothing makes downtown lawyers who live in Lexington feel better than beating up on Southie, except crushing a consumer class action. Only metaphorically, of course, they'd never really get into a physical fight.


They had Ropes and Gray already lined up to sue. Nothing makes downtown lawyers who live in Lexington feel better than beating up on Southie,

Payback's a bitch, eh? I imagine a lot of Southie votes for Curley weren't because people thought he was a good leader, but instead because they liked sticking it to the Yankees. (see DC blacks' support of Marion Barry for another example). Given the amount of damage Curley did to the city, and given Southie's propensity to re-elect him, even once he had been convicted and jailed, I'm sure there weren't a lot of tears shed in Yankee-land when busing pretty much put an end to Southie.

i'm soo sick of you people

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i'm soo sick of you people and the media putting words in Linehan's mouth... please show me one instance or article that says he's against the LGBT marching in the parade?!? " oh it must be true?!? because it was on the internet!!! "

Ireland for St. Patrick's?

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What's he gonna do to celebrate - go to church, and then to the pub?

St. Paddy's is an Irish AMERICAN holiday, Mr. Sour Grapes!

you dont know sht

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Saint Patrick's Day or the Feast of Saint Patrick is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on 17 March. It is named after Saint Patrick (c. AD 385–461), the most commonly recognized of the patron saints of Ireland....The day commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland
Saint Patrick's Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Newfoundland and Labrador and Montserrat. It is also widely celebrated by the Irish diaspora around the world; especially in Britain, Canada, the United States, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand...
its amazing what you can learn with history .... there's people like you who likes to jibber jabber out of their behind and then there's facts

Good idea

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They should definitely set an empty place setting for him at the head table.

Honorary Limerick

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Southie pols usually do the booking
For the Patty Day breakfast cooking
But Bill Linehan
Is not much of a man
If he can't try some Irish Black pudding

my Limerick

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There once was a bhoy named Bill
A Haitian girl thwarted his will
He was cut to the quick
And flew off to Limerick
Where he ended up drinking his fill.

It's time to

euthanize this bore fest. It's had no real political relevance in over 20 years.

The parade and breakfast will never end

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The bars and restaurants, who make a ton of money over this (and contribute no money towards the parade) will never allow it to end or to be moved downtown where it should be. Get it out of the neighborhood, it's no longer a family event.

No longer? So it once was a

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No longer? So it once was a family event... what's changed in Southie over the last 20 years? Oh, that't right, nevermind.