If a tree falls in Southie, does it make a noise?

South Boston fallen tree

The answer is yes. A very loud noise. This tree fell on a vehicle last night about 9 p.m. on Marine Road in South Boston. The tree was dead and the root finally rotted out then gravity took care of the rest.

Neighbors have notified the city on multiple occasions about the trees on Marine Road being diseased and a safety hazard. Maybe now we can get them replaced before someone gets seriously hurt.



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    No need for the city to

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    No need for the city to remove the tree today. It was turned into a space saver by one of the more industrious residents shortly thereafter.

    No worries , I'll get it.

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    No worries , I'll get it. Spent the morning cutting down the dreaded pines , I'll drink some Rockstar energy & Fleischmann's , and jump right on it !


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    If the tree is about to fall down DON'T park under it. Though in Southie the person could live blocks away and not known. On my street in Southie a row of Norway maples was planted about 60 years ago. They have all collapsed in the past 5 years. The only one still standing is the one in front of my house. I think it's only because I've tried hard to grow stuff in front yard and have constantly fertilized the yard, but you can't really win against maple tree roots, so the tree got the benefit of all that fish meal, bone meal, etc.

    Question for people though. Three trees - ash and maple - near me have had many branches die over the past few years. For the first time MY maple has one branch that some of the leaves (over half) have died and I am worried what is happening to the other trees is happening to this one. Does anyone know why this would happen? Root damage? Leaking sewer main?

    Leaking gas pipes under the

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    Leaking gas pipes under the streets suffocating the trees. That's usually what does in mature trees if obvious illness isn't present.

    Saplings on the other hand get killed by salt, petroleum run off, dog urine, and drought.

    I worked at a garden center a few years ago.

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    In a natural, old growth forest your average Maple might live to 200 years old, but for the most part their lifespan is around a century. Then factor in godknowswhat they are subjected to in a city environment, I'd say 60 years is a good estimate for the time they start to fall apart.

    Additionally, silver (swamp) maples are often planted as they grow really fast and quickly provide shade, but have a very weak branch structure and soft roots. Red maples are only slightly better. The real standout is the sugar maple, some of which may predate the Mayflower, but they are less commonly used as street trees. IIRC the Norway maple is similar to the red in its lifespan, but I didn't know much about it since they are now considered an evasive species and we didn't sell any.

    Gas lines.

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    The gas lines under the streets are tree killers.


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    Can we all agree the yuppies are poisoning the trees with their money and lack of heroin abuse?