If you see a black Great Dane wandering around Jamaica Plain ...

UPDATE, Saturday, 3:45 p.m. Lydia returned home by herself.

Police are looking for a 140-lb. Great Dane, black with white markings on her chest, who goes by the name Lydia. She's a service dog and was last seen on Centre Street, at the Jamaica Pond end, this evening.



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      A Great Dane working as a service dog? Does she help her owner and their friends solve mysteries? Does she have a penchant for certified fair-trade, organic Scooby Snacks?

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      shes not scooby doo

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      Shes been bred, born, raised and trained at Service Dog Project in Ipswich Ma. She is a Mobility Service dog. She helps her Handler walk, go up and down stairs, Helps her get back to her feet when she falls. for more information, please visit www.servicedogproject.org

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      140 pounds?

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      And watch where you step!

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      Just read on the Granite State Dog Recovery page on FB that Lydia was found and reunited with her owner.

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