If you were on Soldiers Field Road and wound up late for work, show your boss this photo

Soldiers Field Road crash

J Goddell had plenty of time to ponder this crash on Soldiers Field Road outbound, near the Harvard Bridge around 8:30 this morning.



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I think somewhere in my reptilian brain I knew that but having never called the Mass Ave bridge anything but that in my brain I just shifted the nomenclature to what I perceive as a more appropriate location.

There was major gridlock

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around BU Bridge, Comm Avenue, and the BU Bridge rotary at Memorial Drive as well. I guess people took the same alternate routes.

"Ooohhh flashing lights most

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"Ooohhh flashing lights most slow down and see whats going on." Drivers please remember what you do on the roads (useless braking causing phantom traffic jams, not merging properly like a zipper, and racing to stopped cars and red lights) effects everyone else, drivers and pedestrians. Please remember you're operating a really heavy object that can become deadly. (Safe speedy recovery to those involved)

Nasty stretch of road there

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With the bridge construction, cars exiting Storrow back up onto the highway. People decide to cut into the exit lane late from the center lane and block traffic, which is moving at 40-50 mph there. People are also merging from the on-ramp that starts at the Western Ave bridge.

Nice combination of poor signage, poor road, relatively high speeds, and drivers that have no problem simply stopping in a moving lane of traffic.