If you're near the harbor and hear booms today, no need to freak out, probably

Jocelyn alerts us that the USS Constitution will be taken out into the harbor today and will fire cannons off Castle Island in honor of D-Day and the Battle of Midway. The fort will then fire back. Starts around 11 a.m.



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    Best Place to View?

    My parents are in town from Nashville and my mom looooves tall ships. Where do you think would be the best viewing spot?

    Castle Island.

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    Castle Island. Or if she loves tall ships, why not just take her onto the Constitution for a tour this weekend?

    Castle Island+++

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    Most definitely Castle Island - there is a parking lot by Sullivan's (great place for lunch - clam shack/take-out food) or, if that is full, there is parking along the beach there. It's a bit of a walk (10-15 minutes, depending on fast you walk) from the closest T stop. Easiest to get there by car (or cab, if necessary). I'd be there by 10 to get a good viewing spot. Hope she gets to see it underway - it's quite a site! Would be there myself, but couldn't take time off work. The cruise today is commemorating the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

    Bus Stops At Farragut Road

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    As Ron said, there are a number of bus lines with a final stop at the corner of East Broadway and Farragut Road. I consider the "T" to include bus lines as well as "rapid transit" trains and trolleys. I stand by the 15 minute estimate - others may be able to walk faster.....

    Steps from Castel Island

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    Many unscrupulous realtors will advertise property in City Point as "steps from Castle Island." The nearest residence to Castle Island is about 1500+ steps from there. Many a Yuppie has fallen for this.

    Thank you!

    Your suggestion was so perfect -- even to the timing! We made it out to Castle Island, found a great parking spot, walked up to the fort just as the ships were coming up. It was really a beautiful day and my parents just had the time of their lives. I really appreciate it!

    Castle Island

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    I would say Castle Island itself would be the best place to go. Business should be booming at Sullivans today.


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    N.E./Boston/major port city bias aside how could you not love the tall ships?!

    I forgot to ask about this

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    I was driving down Day Blvd this morning and an army vehicle was pulling a trailer with a small cannon on it. It was pointing right at me. I was pretty sure it wasn't going to go off, it's pretty creepy driving down the street with a cannon pointed at you.

    Part of the ceremony?

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    Part of the turn-around ceremony? I know that in the past for these turn-around trips, they fire cannons (or some such thing!) from the top of the fort on Castle Island. Not being up there when it was done, I haven't seen close up what is used for the response to the ship firing its cannons. [Glad it didn't go off!!]