Imagine if the T were pluripotent

Cell cover

This is this month's cover of Cell, which covers advances in microbiology:

The cover depicts an adaptation the Boston subway system map in which subway lines represent pathways of differentiation from pluripotent stem cells. Bus routes, shown as dashed lines, are the various ways that cells can be experimentally interconverted via directed differentiation, direct conversion, and reprogramming. Cover image by Samantha Morris.

Maryr comments:

As a Bostonian biologist I am very bothered by the mismatch. ONLY TWO LINES GO TO PARK!

Via Boston Reddit.



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      necrosis or apoptosis?

      By on

      I was thinking something more like apoptotic - since the Legislature has absolutely programmed the system's death.

      I take offense

      By on

      As a former EB resident, I think referring to Maverick as Primitive Endoderm Place is uncalled for.

      Besides, if any line is going to be used to represent something created in a state of mindless underdevelopment, it should be the Silver Line.

      We need stem trains

      They could become red, green, blue, orange, silver lines as needed - heck, even morph into DMUs on demand!