Imagine people driving as fast as they can around the Seaport

The Herald reports Mayor Walsh is trying to lure a grand-prix race to the South Boston waterfront.



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    Always thought this would be a great idea - but probably better on Mem Drive and Storrow.

    I know - pearl clutchers and all - but one day a year I think would get through - although southie might be better because prep for the race could tie up commuter traffic for some time.

    Either location would be fine by me and what a cool idea!

    Underpasses incompatible with very low cars

    Rally cars more fitting for our roads. Any route will need barriers and fencing to keep jay walkers and cyclists out of the way. Mem and Storrow don't have enough tight turns for a race. Elsewhere, damn curb extensions and other crosswalk treatments need (permanent) removal, as hazards.

    No Race Cars?

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    So Boston streets are not designed for or suitable for auto racing? Got it. Glad to hear the traffic calming is working.

    Great idea! As a bonus it'll

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    Great idea! As a bonus it'll rehash the ole State Police/Boston PD seaport detail argument.

    Why not?

    It works in Monte Carlo.

    Its a big event and brings in a lot of money.


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    Indycar? If you're going to do this, do it right. Formula One.

    F1, please! Then maybe I'll

    F1, please! Then maybe I'll get to meet one of my hereos, Jeremy Clarkson when he comes to eventually sarcastically report about it.


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    I would love to see this happen. I might even show up to watch....

    I read that differently

    150,000 race fans buying tickets. How many would pay to see a bicycle race? The problem in Baltimore is having conflicting events during Labor Day weekend.

    Just $7M was needed for needed road improvements. That is what its costing to narrow Mass Ave. in Arlington for just 1 mile. Many projects cost more, like $22M for Somerville Ave. a few years back.

    If a Formula 1 race were to be in Boston, there might not be enough berth spaces for multi-million dollar yachts, shortages of Caviar and champagne, and getting overrun by the rich and famous.

    Road improvements

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    Ask the 2013 field of drivers if the $7M was enough spent or if they'd rather have doubled the amount spent to reduce the impact of having an immovable obstacle dead center only feet from the start/finish line.

    Also, the WHOLE reason they are having conflicting events is because the course is located near their sports stadiums and convention center. They want to put this in the Seaport, next to multiple convention centers? Great'll never have the same problem as Baltimore.

    Finally, you ignored all of the resident complaints about how shitty it was for weeks before and after with all the concrete and "prison-like atmosphere" when getting around town. I bet the new residents and businesses in the Innovation District would never have the same problem with the aesthetics either.