Imperial Pizza in Brighton Center closing forever this month

Brighton Main Streets reports the Washington Street mainstay is shutting on July 19 after 40 years.



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Imperial Pizza

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It is so sad to hear about this landmark pizza shop closing the owner has been very nice to everybody he gives the kids some candy at Halloween and he has some of the best pizza around Boston and keeps the prices down he is family to alot of people and we will miss him very much.


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This makes me sad. I have great memories of standing on the ledge at the counter to peek over the edge and watch the guys put together pies. Thanks for being part of the neighborhood, amici. Grazie per tutti!!

Bad news

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This is such a bummer. Best pizza in Brighton.

imperial pizza-brighton landmark

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highschool dances, the eskimo delivery driver that died before pino took over, steve, hurricane Gloria and candlelight pizza, playing house of pain by van halen on the box to drive the old guys crazy, realizing I had too much vodka and mountain dew and running behind the knights of columbus to throw up. lots of memories here.