Impromptu playground by the side of the road in Somerville

Debris in Somerville

Roving UHub photographer Nick reports:

There was what I can only assume was more than a simple fender bender a week ago on the Arlington/Somerville line at the intersection of Route 16 and Broadway. The debris from the accident is all on the Somerville side of the street: parts of a quarter panel, side mirrors, lots of glass. One enterprising young (five-year-old?) kid was jumping up and down on it as I drove past yesterday. Safety first though: he was wearing a helmet.



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    Why aren't drivers liable for

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    Why aren't drivers liable for littering when they leave car debris after a crash? Instead of chucking all your broken debris onto sidewalks or parks, put it in your car and throw it out.

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    Who knows?

    Maybe they are in the hospital?

    It's usually the town/city DPW that handles these messes but 16's 'Parkway' status means someone is waiting on the state or some such.

    An old bit of doggerel is an apt description of most masshole things that have jurisdiction conflicts.

    "Lord Chatham with his sword undrawn,

    ..was waiting for Sir Richard Straughan.

    Sir Richard longing to be at em..

    Was waiting too.. for who?

    ...Lord Chatham."

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    Who ever moved the car from

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    Who ever moved the car from the scene whether it was the owner or a tow truck should be required to take the pieces of the car with it.

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    Dangerous intersection

    There are no left turn lanes and protective light phases for vehicles on Rt. 16 turning left on to Broadway. Pedestrian walk phase on demand, but none for vehicles turning left. With Mass Ave in Arlington to lose a westbound lane, expect more traffic and thus more collisions at this intersection in the future.

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    totally agree. And people FLY

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    totally agree. And people FLY down 16 trying to beat the light. A cop could sit in the Stop & Shop parking lot there and write tickets all day.

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