Indian food coming to Forest Hills

Tikki Masala in Forest Hills

At least, according to the Tikki Masala signs now in the windows of the renovated storefront that used to be a driving school next to Oriental House, across from the T stop.



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Yum, Indian food

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Please, please make it something more than takeout. It doesn't have to be fancy but a comfortable sit down place would be very welcome here.

I wonder they're looking for a liquor or beer/wine license.

Anyone have more info on who's behind it, schedule, etc?


tikki masala?

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I'm really hoping it's a cross between a tiki bar and an indian restaurant.

Hopeful it will be southern Indian food, but probably not...

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JP needs a southern Indian/dosa joint. I'll even take a creparie. Getting tired of rich northern Indian buttery, fattening restaurants. Two on Centre, and 1 in Rozzie Square.

He's working on his sign permits now, in terms of timing...