Inman Pharmacy still not a drive-thru

Crashed car at Inman Pharmacy

Michael Peretti surveyed the damage at the Inman Pharmacy on Cambridge Street around 12:50 p.m.



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Cambridge Street it is, even if the only Cambridge street I can ever seem to remember is Mass. Ave. (well, and Dunster Street because of where I used to go drink in my callow youth).

Is that a Chevy Lumina?

Looks to be in good condition. Probably driven by an 88 year old who puts 1K in mileage a year going to the pharmacy.

Seriously, we need to test drivers over the age of 65 and ship the over 70s to Florida. This is a regular occurrence down there.

Fixed that for ya

Seriously, we need to test drivers.

We also need to allow doctors to challenge licenses, and force the registry to respond to reports of impaired driving from neighbors, cops, etc.