Innovation District to get fourth Starbucks, first Mediterranean meze restaurant

The owners of the Fan Pier development said today they'll be leasing space to a Starbucks, a Mediterranean meze restaurant and a daycare center.

The Starbucks, which will take 2,100 square feet, will join existing starbucks at the Manulife Financial building, the Renaissance Harbor Hotel and the Westin Boston Harborfront. It's slated to open this summer, according to the Fallon Company, which is building out Fan Pier as a mixed-use complex.

George Aboujaoude - think Cafeteria and the Bijou Nightclub - plans to focus on both meze, which are sort of like tapas plates, and "hand-crafted" cocktails at a restaurant called Committee, due to open this fall.

Bright Horizons will start up a childcare center in May, according to Fallon.



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Starbucks or Starbucks

I hope it's a "real" Starbucks.

At least one of the other three isn't "real" - there's no WiFi and you can't use your Starbucks card.

Weep for me.

The Westin is real, but the

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The Westin is real, but the Convention center is on the waterfront like Newton is. The other two are decidedly not. You can use your card, though, but they just swipe it like any other card, and they can't scan your phone-based barcode.

These are the problems that keep me up at night, as well.


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I'm not a big Starbucks fan at all. I wish those four locations were Peet's instead of Starbucks. I would rather have a lot more Peet's open up around Boston. In my neighborhood there is nothing but Dunkin or McDonald's or Tedeschi's. Starbucks is too bitter and smug and Dunk's tastes like watered down donkey piss. If you live in Boston long enough, you somehow force yourself to adapt to Dunk's because in a lot of neighborhoods it is literally your only option..... :(

Peets is just as generically

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Peets is just as generically mallerfic as Starbucks. There are independent businesses (Flour) to support and that should be the focus of developers. In contrast to Kendall Sq which has filled much of the retail space with independent restaurants, the innovation district has been developed more like Framingham, hopefully Walsh will reverse Meninos vision of chains on the water. Peets and starbucks are the same, support local small businesses.

You must be from Carifornia.

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You must be from Carifornia. People from the Northwest love Seattle, people from Carifornia love Peets and everyone else only goes there if they are stuck in a suburban strip mall and have no alternatives. They both serve generic sub par coffee.


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yes they have bitter coffee - but the food is the same you'd find at a continental breakfast at any mid-range hotel - people who frequent starbucks are mostly middle-management hacks (or aspiring mid-level management and/or soccer-parent) - probably because it reminds them of airport/mall food courts.

starbucks is quite possibly the farthest thing from smugness you could get - once you go in there you've pretty much accepted you're a boring middle class person - unless you think pottery barn is smug... then I can't help you.

No, not literally

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An electric teakettle and french press are nearly always an option.

So is a thermos - or is that too working class?

Any other complaints, princess?

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There is plenty to like about the growing waterfront's retail and culinary expansion. For instance Gather has some of the best octopus in the city.

You wouldn't know, of course, because that whole area is terrible and would obviously be much better served as some sort of post apocalyptic proto commune.

And get a new name, this one is taken.

Go fuck yourself....

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How's that? You want throw insults around just because you're crying about how other people have opinions different than yours? You now know what you can go do. And I'll use any name I want, regardless of how much you pout like a child.

Now go eat some octopus, princess.


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Proofread, buddy.

You can reply if you feel the need to. You're obviously just here to start shit with people.

Despite your terrible attitude and generally rude demeanor, I hope you have a nice day.

I knew it!

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You couldn't resist responding. I love it. Hey, I'm having fun here. We can keep going all day.

Who knows how it will all shake out

Right now, you have, along Northern Ave, the typical corporate convention expense-account joints. A couple of blocks in, you've got a pretty vibrant independent restaurant scene. Go there on a Friday night, and you just can't get in the door because the neighborhood is so hot. Will it all devolve to Quincy Market mediocrity in another 5 years? Who knows? In the mean time, there's fun to be had and tons of money being made.

Innovation, Seaport, So. Boston Waterfront...what not.

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All the things mentioned are truly wonderful. I work in the area. On quite a few occasions I have been asked if there are any drug stores (pick a chain) or some kind of store/supermarket.

Enough with the overpriced stuff. How about practicality?

Just leave some room down

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Just leave some room down there , for a new City Hall , and a small hole in the wall for a Joe & Nemo's......


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That would have required PLANNING! Like, you know, deciding ahead of time what a complete neighborhood or business district could use and seeing that it got built.

Thinking like that - communist thinking - would mean decent transit and places for those who live in the area to walk to!

Can't have that!

Not so sure about that

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I think the lot on the corner of B st is slated to be mixed residential and commercial with an eye towards a smallish grocery. Perhaps that will include a CVS or similar? I may be conflating projects, but I don't believe the area will be bereft of shopping forever.

One would think.

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But I work in Kendall Square, and we still do not have a CVS or some sort of pharmacy and this area is pretty hot right now. So I am not sure why some areas get 'em and some do not. I am not a fan of CVS but...


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B and west broadway? Where the car dealer is? Foodies is a block away so I doubt a small grocery. You might be thinking the west third/A project? In either case it's a bit far away from the seaport.

Coffee and Innovation go together, but...

...that's exactly why the area needs a real coffee joint and not a chain. Not. Any. Chain.

If I don't see innovation on the ground floor, I'm going to assume there isn't much of it on the floors above.

Want Real Coffee?

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Barrington Coffee Roasters is a short hop over to Congress St.