Inside the new Ferdinand building

The BRA posts some photos from the interior of the Dudley Square Municipal Center being built around the shell of the old Ferdinand building.



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    No parking

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    Which will put a strain on the businesses left in this area. Not everyone rides bikes and skateboards even though the former Administration would like you to believe it.

    People > Cars

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    People support business, not cars. As long as they combine it with sound market rate parking policy I think they will do just fine.

    ...although, this city really is not known for that at all! :(

    Hi moron, there's tons of parking

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    Most of Dudley is covered with surface parking because of that whole "urban renewal" thing that came through and knocked down many buildings and turned Dudley into that whole disaster zone in the first place.

    But it's never enough for you addicts, is it? Always demanding more and more parking to satisfy your cravings. GIMME GIMME GIMME! FREE LAND FOR MY CAR! MORE MORE MORE! WAAH WAAH WAAH!

    Nevermind that Dudley is quite possibly the biggest bus hub in all of New England... naw, who rides the bus? Certainly not selfish, entitled suburbanite scum who demand FREE PARKING!

    Oh, are you going to threaten not to go to Dudley if you don't get your car welfare? Aww... I'll cry for you. Not.

    Good riddance. Assholes like you are the reason that Dudley got so mistreated in the first place. Go to hell.


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    someone needs anger management classes.

    It's next to a major MBTA

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    It's next to a major MBTA station. Do you think city employees as humble civil servants are above riding with the unwashed masses?


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    Orange line to Ruggles. Then walk.

    Two-hour parking (not that it

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    Two-hour parking (not that it's enforced). But I think they are actually making a new parking lot over by the Chinese restaurant on Harrison.

    Looks great!

    The work they've done on the outside of this building has already perked the entire square up. I can't wait for the place to open and it truly to come to life.

    Well. And for all of the construction equipment to stop interfering with my commute...

    Imagine the exhilaration of

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    Imagine the exhilaration of going into this building and actually picking out furniture to buy, and even riding the el that went right by too. Priceless !

    Dudley is back

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    Let the gentrification begin of this proud square,rents will rise and the residents will be relocated to Brockton

    Are you shipping me ? That

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    Are you shipping me ? That area has been bad news for years. Do you , or did you , ever frequent that area , boots on the ground ,so as to speak ?

    So cities shouldn't try to

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    So cities shouldn't try to improve anything; if you improve schools then rents will go up, if you clean up parks then rents will go up, if you have police patrol and keep the area safe then rents will go up.


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    I don't send my kids to any of the schools within a 20 block radius of this place, so I'm not sure which improved schools you are referring to.

    On the one hand. they did a

    On the one hand. they did a nice job: the renewed building looks good, and a few gestures have been made to spruce up the Dudley BPL branch (I hope more happens with that).

    But the bus station is still-- sorry, Adam their is no unprofane way of putting this but I'll try--- a clusterfornicate.

    The lack of signage showing what bus is assigned to which bay means that unless you happen to know, on your own, in advance, where to catch your bus, you may Never Get There From Here.

    This is particularly unfortunate because Dudley is second only to the North End for not needing more cars. The Columbia Rd-Cottage St-Dudley St east-west routes are a mess most of the day.

    Dudley Square is great. Unlike some Boston neighborhoods that have been flooded with residents who live as if they are in a suburb instead of a city, Dudley still has a lot of foot traffic and street life, local "institution" businesses, many families who have lived in and near Dudley for generations and care about their neighbors-- and that includes the new immigrants who are opening even more businesses.

    Despite the undeniable benefits that can come with gentrification, too many Boston neighborhoods have lost a lot of their urban spirit and ability to welcome people who are not middle class yet. Most of Chinatown, Mission Hill, JP, and large swaths of Dorchester are no longer able accessible to multiple classes. Dudley is worth saving as a neighborhood that can still be accessible to everyone.