International food takes root on Washington Street in West Roxbury

Los Antojitos

Centre Street near the Roche Center gets all the attention as a restaurant row, but the past couple of years have seen the rise of an interesting cluster of take-out restaurants along Washington Street between Grove and Birchwood streets.

Two months ago, a Salvadoran family bought North of the Border, which was owned by a Guatemalan guy, renamed it Los Antojitos and continued serving Central American fare, including pupusas and breakfast. They have a couple of tables and they also deliver to West Roxbury and Roslindale. Still cash only at this point.

A couple of months ago, local dentist Fadi Metri bought Cristelle's at 5268 Washington St. and has begun work to turn it into Fairouz, which will offer fare from his native Lebanon. Just today, he appeared before the Boston Licensing Board for permission to extend the existing beer and wine license to include liqueurs so that he can offer diners arak.

On the same side of the street, at Washington and Grove, the Greek International Food Market offers all your straight-from-Greece products. As the names suggests, it's a market, not a restaurant, but they offer prepared meals and recently added a single picnic table for people just too hungry to make it home without something to eat first.

Greek Food Market

Across Grove from the Greek market is Target Pizza, 5200 Washington St., which sells Italian-style pizza and calzones. Delivery, of course, sometimes via a Hummer. Inside, they've got some seriously comfy chairs in which await your pick-up order.

Target Pizza

Crossing Washington Street, you'll find Viva Mi Arepa, 5197 Washington St., which has been serving arepas, empanadas and other Venezuelan dishes for years.

Viva Mi Arepa

A couple doors down is Pomodoro's Italian Kitchen, 239 Grove St., which has been around forever selling pizza, subs and similar fare, but which now has a Brazilian owner who recently told the licensing board he is adding Brazilian dishes.


A couple doors down from that, at 225 Grove St., is #7 Chinese Cuisine, which is West Roxbury's best Chinese take-out place (example: they don't use celery to load up their dishes).

Number 7

Finally, a couple doors down from there is Mary Ann's Breakfast and Lunch, which is quite possibly the smallest eat-in restaurant in the city.

Mary Ann's



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Nice list

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This is a great round up. I live right down the street and have only tried out the Greek market and Target Pizza. Target Pizza has become one of my top three in the city, and they do have subs! The chicken parm is pretty delicious.

Yeah, like apples and oranges

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If you want good, traditional Americanish Chinese food, I'd take #7 over the other traditional takeout places in West Roxbury or Roslindale, except maybe for Golden House, which also doesn't do the celery thing (however, they don't have Peking ravioli and they're cash only).

Seven Star Bistro is great, but it's kind of a different food experience.

One advantage #7 does have over Seven Star, though - I've never been told there's a 40-minute wait for food.

Golden House does have Peking Ravioli*

I get it from them all the time. You are correct about cash only, though, and if the owners are reading this, they should know that by all the time, I mean only when I happen to have some cash. In today's virtual society, not taking plastic is losing them some business.

* Where I'm from we call them pot stickers, and here in Boston, I much prefer to call them dumplings, but I recognize the term Adam used.

Ah, it has been awhile since I've been there

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They didn't used to have 'em, back in the days, when I could just call them and before I'd even start saying what I'd wanted one of the women would ask "the usual?" But nowadays, I'm more of a participant in the cashless society and so head to #7.

West Garden in West Roxbury

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is by far the best Chinese takeout place in the Westie and Rozie. They only use fresh ingredients, for example if you order a chicken dish they'll give you butterflied whole chicken breast not chicken balls like Imperial Kitchen in the Sq.

It worth a try.....

West Garden is very good.

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West Garden is very good. Mandarin Gourmet is right over the border in Brookline for those feeling treasonous, it's also excellent. Sticky Rice is solid, not spectacular, in my experience, but their owner told me a few months back he wants to move the place to Jamaica Plain fwiw.

Best Thai place is Phuket hands down.

I love the relatively new small Vietnamese shop on Centre St - Banh Mi Ngon. One of my go-to places now for a sandwich.

Thanks for highlighting this

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Thanks for highlighting this often overlooked pocket of West Roxbury. This is why this site is great. You would never see this on or elsewhere - they don't even know there are restaurants outside of the Back Bay and South End.