ISD head moved sideways after Globe series on students crammed into crappy apartments

The Globe reports Bryan Glascock is being moved into a new BRA position to review city zoning and building codes.



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Duane's brother?

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Duane Ingals Glascock

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Great, so now he can screw up even more important things

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One of the reasons we have less and less need for firefighters: good building code. Now this incompetent fool is going to be in charge of that stuff?

Why the hell aren't incompetent people FIRED?

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Another leftover

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from the Menino administration. Why isn't Marty shit canning any of these layabouts?

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It's not as though the city's long-standing posture with regard to code violations in student apartments was directed from anywhere other than the very top.

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Glascock has no experience

Glascock has no experience with building code enforcement. He was trained as a lawyer, and before his ISD gig he worked on environmental compliance issues in the City's Environment Department (along with a brief stint as the director of that department.)

He's a good guy, but when I heard about his appointment as ISD director, I thought that he was in over his head.

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I would argue that most of

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I would argue that most of the people who have headed ISD have been in over their heads. In other words, ISD is so hard to control and manage. Might be a good time to dismantle the place.

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