It was the least he could do

Masshole in Quincy

Amy Derjue was not thinking nice thoughts about the driver in front of her on Newport Avenue in Quincy this morning.



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You must be nuts

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A real Bostonian may not signal when he changes lanes. He might fly down the highway unchecked. He might do a lot of dumb things on the road. But a real Bostonian will clean off his windows so he doesn't throw snow on everyone for the next 20 miles until the entire thing comes off and freezes to the road causing ice/accidents behind him.

I mean, he obviously cleaned off part of the car already...there was no reason not to clear the rest. It wasn't even as if this was hard snow to move.

The roof is clean but hey

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No way it slide off the roof onto the back window, right. Because then we wouldn't be able to bash Bostonians.

Yeah, sure.

That's not a huge SUV, there's no reason to not clean off the roof of that car.

No excuse for SUVs, either.

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They make snow brushes/snow brooms long enough to clean off SUV roofs. If you spend all that money on a nice SUV, you can spring for the extra $20 to get proper snow removal gear for the vehicle.


I had a brush for my van that telescoped to 48". I didn't need it anymore, so I gave it to my neighbor when he bought a commercial van. He's thrilled with it.

I bought it at some place like Building 19 or Ocean State Job Lot for under $15.

I'm sure it did slide off the

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I'm sure it did slide off the roof. Far from being a justification for an obscured rear window, however, it's one among several good reasons why the correct thing to do is to remove the snow from the entire vehicle, and not just the parts made of glass.

What else is to be expected

from someone who works for a "crisis management" firm that has on their Twitter feed pictures of Rob Ford and Paula Deen under the banner "The Top Ten PR Crises Of 2013"? These aren't people, they're robots who are programmed for one function, how to make scumbags popular again. So naturally their little careers of flacking for lowlifes tends to make them feel like they're just a little smarter than most people.

I hope she's not the social media director of the firm

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Unless she's tweeting FOR the company she represents, she needs to take the firm's name out of her profile. It's clearly her personal account and it does reflect badly on the company. All people have to do is RT to her company and it's on their timeline.

Half hour?

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It would only take another 30-40 seconds to brush of all that snow before you pull out of the driveway. Fuck people who refuse to clean off their cars and endanger others on the road. Seriously.

I bet

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He's the same dude who didn't shovel out his parking spot.

Am I the only one

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Whose first thought was "quit taking pictures and drive yer car!!" Sheeze...I know it's a red light and all but come on, people...

I wonder about all these pictures at red lights

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Do people think it's safe just because they're at a red light? I was on Newport Ave last night and it was sloppy. She should be concentrating on people trying to get out of the Chipotle on her right and not getting hit or accidentally taking her foot off the brakes and going into the car in front of her.

/pet peeve

Death to Everyone

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Take all your snow off your car or die a horrible death.

Die! Die! Die!

I'm not expecting any work to come from this post.

But if it does. I am very very easy and cheap.

A co-worker of mine wasn't

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A co-worker of mine wasn't feeling well on Thursday. I offered to clean off their car and drive it around so they wouldn't have to walk far. I start the car and look for the snow brush for a good few minutes. Then I called my co-worker and asked where the brush was. Reply: "I don't have a snow brush, I turn on the heat for a while and then drive off". I couldn't believe it, but since they weren't feeling well, I didn't think it was the right time to address. Unreal.

Would you like to pay for my tire?

After the earlier storm, some dump truck driver had the same philosophy as you.

The truck dumped a large chunk of ice on to the road in front of me, and, given that I was in traffic and had not much room to swerve without causing a major accident, it ripped a large gash into one of my tires.

Also consider that you should never drive with your windows covered in anything, and that flying and sliding snow can blind other drivers.

Other reported problems:

Connecticut has gone so far as to put some hefty fines on motorists who fail to clear snow and ice from their vehicles:

Snow vs. ice

There's a huge difference between having light, fluffy snow on your roof (like this last storm), and having frozen snow and ice on it. The snow just blows off, and as much as some whiners like to bitch about it, it's no big deal. The ice is a whole different story and we've all seen ice missles flying off trucks and cars that are really dangerous. The CT law is written to address ice chunks:

What became known as the “flying ice” or “ice missile” law is the product of more than a decade of legislative debate over how to handle large sheets of frozen material that unexpectedly crash into the windshields of unlucky motorists each winter.

Years ago when I was a stupid kid, I learned about ice missles and was very lucky I didn't hurt someone. After a night of snow, then rain, then freezing temps, I jumped in my car to head to work. When I got on the highway, a huge chunk lifted from the hood and flew off. I looked in the rear view mirror and luckily nobody was behind me. Sweated out those few seconds and learned a good lesson.

What if it's not easy?

Like a higher vehicle. Add roof racks, and it's a major PITA and there's still going to be snow left.
Let nature do its thing.

It's not that hard

We have a mini-van -- with a roof rack -- and it is just not very hard to brush off _most_ of the loose snow. Leaving it on can cause lots of little problems (at least). There certainly is no benefit to leaving it on.

I don't get it

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Having all that snow on your back window is a bad idea for the same reason that taping a cardboard box over your back window is a bad idea (and illegal.)

I don't understand why people are defending the practice or for some reason think it is okay to do themselves.

It's not OK, it douchebaggery

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I'd bet my last nickel that the type of driver that would leave their windows obstructed like this are also incapable of safely driving with side mirrors only. they probably don't even use them or look over shoulder. accidents waiting to happen.

But the real dangerous part is when they leave this stuff on until it freezes over and becomes ice. I had a solid sheet of it fly off an SUV in front of me. Couple inches thick and 2x2 feet at least.

It cold have easily killed someone if it smashed into a windshield.

just clean off your damn cars. at least you won't look like the lazy self-entitled scum you really are.

Well, I don't blame Amy Derjue for being ticked off.

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Amy Derjue was right to be ticked off at the driver in front of her who acted like a lazy, irresponsible bum by not cleaning the snow off of his rear window. Doesn't that idiot realize what havoc he could cause on the roads by being so inconsiderate? Either he doesn't realize it, or he just plain doesn't care.