It wasn't funny the first time: UMass building evacuated due to bomb threat - again




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    More than most

    Seems as though UMB is evacuated for threats more than most schools in the area. Is anyone ever persecuted for these? Do they believe it to be the same person?

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    Im a some what recent grad

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    During my time at UMB i only experienced random fire drills, never bomb threats.

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    Could have been drugs

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    While I was there a kid (idiot) whom the Chancellor help get elected to the student body (mainly because he's pro Black) was arrested for distribution. There was a large "Socialisim for Black liberation" movement on campus within the American American student body.

    Not sure if any of them were aware of European History.

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    Ah Yes

    Because one measly blog and an invitation to dialogue at a university MUST BE A CONSPIRACY!!!!!!

    Rather than, you know, an opportunity to learn something at a university (GASP!).

    Clutch 'em too hard and you can crush 'em.

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    Back in the early 70s....

    ... this happened at BU on a distressingly frequent basis (according to a friend and a cousin who went there). I never heard if the cuprit(s) were caught.

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