It's always best to work on pot-related data with a clear head

MuckRock finds basic math problems with some of the state-released summaries of applicants for medical-marijuana dispensaries. Its report also links to other reports on problems with the dispensary approval process.



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    Reefer Madness

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    I don't smoke dope. I voted against this. However, now that medicinal marijuana is legal there needs to be a bit more openness about the issuing of licenses. I find it interesting that former 'crime fighter' Bill Delahunt is involved with a non-profit outfit that received three of these licenses. I think it's a bit cozy.

    Instead of the facade of pot being available for the 'sick', why not legalize it for all? All anyone has to do is take a look at the joke around the handicap placards for autos. It is a program riven with fraud and abuse. The same will go along with medical pot. Make it available to anyone who wants to buy it and tax it similar to alcohol or tobacco.

    To hell with looking to get one of these licences. I would open up a pizza joint next door to one of these places!

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    Marijuana dispensary law

    Instead of the facade of pot being available for the 'sick', why not legalize it for all?

    Because the voter initiative that created this system was specifically for "medical" marijuana. We could and probably should follow Colorado's and Washington's lead, but that requires either a new voter initiative or a new bill passed by the state legislature.

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    Since when does the

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    Since when does the legislature license to voter initiatives? They could amend the law at a whim to add to their casino revenue wet dreams.

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    Don't call it that, you sound ridiculous

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    Please don't call it "dope." You sound old-fashioned and dated or even worse, Canadian and that's not a good thing.

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    State and City documents

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    MuckRock is a great way to advocate for more open government.

    Ask for your favorite state, city, town or Boston City Council documents via

    A good example of a bad example... Staff & Councilors at Boston City Council deflect, delay routinely, merely talk transparency but don't put open government into ample meaningful practice. MuckRock impels greater more attentive response from government that could as well put the MuckRock software on the government website.

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