It's always July Fourth somewhere in Roslindale

Fireworks over Fallon Field

Last night, Roslindale (and Hyde Park) residents living near the golf course were treated to the sounds of explosions coming from somewhere inside Stony Brook Reservation. Tonight, as Gradon Tripp shows, people with little fear of getting caught were shooting off fireworks from Fallon Field. He adds:

We're between the train station and Walter/South St. All the neighbors came out to watch.

Good riddance to Roslindale, Jonathan Bohan writes:

Roslindale sounds like a war zone right now with all the fireworks. Glad to be getting out of here.



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    On our way back from Redd's a

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    On our way back from Redd's a friend and I passed a bunch of folks with open beers heading toward Fallon. Some guy even said to us, "Hey ladies, aren't you going to Fallon Field to see the fireworks?!"

    Um, no, thanks.

    It was the Johnson Bomber's

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    It was the Johnson Bomber's fan appreciation night at Fallon.Be careful with the beer , think they fixed the fence by the tracks, the bikey cops might get you.

    In the Dot

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    Fields Corner was a war zone 2 weeks ago with literally non stop fireworks all weekend, day! and night. Tonight just a few. It seems they're getting bigger and louder these days.


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    "The Dot"; just Dot, no the. Welcome to the Boston, anon!

    Thanks for the welcome Lmo

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    I've been here in Boston since I was born here during the Truman administration. I moved to Dorchester during the the Nixon administration. "The Dot" is just a reference to the local tattoo, if you know what I mean. Been using it so long in my circle of friends that "Dot" alone without the "the" doesn't sound right, unless it's Dot Ave, or Dot Rat, or yelling "Do it for Dot" when diving down at the Quincy quarries. I'm old enough to remember when R.T. was paying kids to smash windows so his company could fix them. If you understand that reference, you're as old as I am.

    Hell yeah,

    Glad to be far away from booze pumped fireworks clods.

    My old White Center neighborhood in Seattle was a classic Northwest white ghetto with plastered rednecks blasting stuff for a good part of July.

    Inman just has the brief last call uproar and then night goes about its business.

    We're glade

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    You're leaving! It's called a city bubb, it's full of loud noises.

    Which Glade?

    The Avarice Scent of Grubbed Money?

    I know. it's the new Eau De Dolt coming in spray cans, plug ins or scent release modules that will have your place smelling like a goonball ginmill beer spill with overtones of Pall Malls.

    Loud noises

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    That keep people awake and traumatized animals are more than just "city noises." They are illegal and disturb large numbers of people. 6Ee

    sorry mr. bohan

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    no idea where you're headed, but unless you're moving to one of those uptight country-club neighborhoods, rozzie's pretty quiet.

    Likely from a party behind Longfellow House

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    There had been an all day party just behind the Longfellow House. It was loud and rowdy, but neighbors didn't complain because it was not out of control. Things got quiet around 10:00pm - so we thought the party had ended. The fireworks started soon there after. Then after 11:00pm, the revelers returned singing happy birthday....

    Most of us wouldn't really mind the activity for the occasional celebration - except this part of the neighborhood includes the Longfellow House (which is senior/handicapped housing) and group homes for developmentally delayed adults. These residents appreciate the more calm and quiet the neighborhood normally brings.

    At least they were shot off from Fallon Field rather than the home of the birthday boy/girl.