It's a cinch there's somebody in that sack

Somebody in a stretchy bag on the Rose Kennedy Greenway

Photographynatalia captured a couple of people inside a stretchy sack at Figment Boston on the Greenway over the weekend.

Copyright Photographynatalia. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.



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Do these people migrate from? Such odd folks moving into the city.


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Do people become so joyless and humorless they're unable to appreciate somebody doing something unusual?


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There adults playing in a ventilated bag! Attentions seeking, Yes. Joyful, depending on what brings you joy i guess!

Yes, joyful

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They are people having fun for a couple of moments, in a festival whose purpose is to get people to break out of their traditional molds, even if just for that moment or two.


The favorite appellation of those who hate instead of create.

As in "LOOK AT ME - I'M A CRITIC!!!".

There is so much

..attention seeking going on in manic old regular Murican life that poor harmless art fun gets lost in the shuffle.

Attention seeking is that solid foundation upon which all expressive things must rise.

Some are more coy than others.

I'll take this: Figment is

I'll take this: Figment is about art and creativity. People produced art projects and spent significant time. Musicians there as well have developed skills. Performance artists there had panned unique performances that required time and effort to perfect.

So some dudes buying a stretchy sack and moving around in it, not so much creativity or effort there.

The Whole Point

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Was for it to be "interactive" - so non-artists alike could participate.

And for the record - when I walked by this display I'm fairly certain there were kids in the sacks.

That said - mid-day Saturday there was very little going on and it appeared many of the artists hadn't even arrived. Hope it got better as the weekend moved on. would have liked to have seen the evening light displays but couldn't make it back over after dark.

Okay I can see how it would

Okay I can see how it would be if it was something set up for kids to partake in. For some reason this struck me as college students wanting to participate with the least amount of effort possible.

Kind of crazy looking, but I

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Kind of crazy looking, but I'd try it! All of the grumps commenting on kids having fun playing outside in the city need to get over themselves.


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They look like adults to me.

In the good old days they

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In the good old days they used to charge to watch this in the combat zone in a run down gem of at theater,