Jamaica Plain gets a new news site

Chris Helms, who set up Patch's JP effort back when Patch was full of hope and optimism and actual reporters, is cranking up Jamaica Plain News.




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    Also if you're looking for the Facebook page (Chris was a pretty active user of Facebook for both collecting and covering JP news, often re-sharing stuff and making good use of FB in general): https://www.facebook.com/JamaicaPlainNews

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    Great news!

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    This is a very welcome addition to The Jape's news coverage. The Gazette is a good paper, but they have yet to embrace the online world. Chris was such a terrific source of news when he was at the Patch. I'm really glad he's back.

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    JP gazette is a "great paper"?

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    They were incredibly biased during the whole "Whose Foods" debacle, and most recently they've been trying to stir up trouble with Hubway, accusing the City and Hubway of "secret" meetings to arbitrarily pick station locations. They knew damn well that there was a website accepting station location input and meetings with bike orgs...but because some professional self-appointed-community-boss, cough, I mean "representative", wasn't "consulted" for their opinion, that person got pissed and passive-aggressively has been hammering Hubway through the Gazette.

    JP has its neighborhood bosses, and if you don't consult them, well, you're just asking for trouble, and the Gazette is part of that machine.

    It was so bad that they had to quote a guy who was caught embezzling money out of an elderly man's bank account (at the bank where the guy worked!)...showed up at the guy's hospital bed to demand he sign checks, and nurses reported it to police, which is how we and his girlfriend were caught. Wonder how they ended up interviewing him, eh?

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    Glad to be back in JP

    Thanks, Adam! It was great to see you last week at JP Licks.

    Yes, I do have the beginnings of a site up at jamaicaplainnews.com, though we are very much in the "soft launch" phase. If you'd like an email from me when the site launches for real, please head to this post and fill out the Google form.

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