Jamaica Plain snow report

Mike Silverman describes the snow in JP:

Organic cucumber slice-sized snowflakes falling in Jamaica Plain.



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We need more to go on here

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Mike. Please. A little respect for the consumer. Are the cucumbers locally sourced? What about the soil conditions--sandy? loamy? Are they biodynamic? Has the farmer come to the farmer's market to speak to residents about his cucumber vision? Can we get the cucumbers as part of a community supported agriculture share?

You're going to have to do better than "organic" if you want to draw any water in the Jape.

I concur

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Are the cucumbers fair trade? Were any animals harmed in the making of the cucumbers, or even the snowflakes for that matter?

hey - we care in Roslindale too

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Were the cucumbers were produced by a neighborhood farming collective? Were they delivered by bicycle or other non-fossil-fuel mode of transportation? was the crop watered through on-site rain collection?

Jamaica Plain

Two buses either collided or are stuck on the hill next to JP VA hospital.

VA is about to cancel all shuttles.