Jared Remy advances his case with calm, reasoned arguments

The Herald notes the number of spelling errors (55) in the angry rant the accused murderer dictated to another inmate for delivery to Herald columnist Margery Eagan.



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    am I missing something?

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    He dictated the letter to someone else, right? Then it's mostly his grammar, but with the spelling of the person writing.


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    Reminds me of the scene in The Blues Brothers where they're comparing the quality of food at the various Illinois penal institutions.


    Misdiagnosed dyslexia

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    My 4 year old nephew formulates better arguments than this moron. Saying he writes at a 3rd Grade level is an insult to 3rd Graders everywhere. Dyslexia is second only to ADD and ADHD in over-diagnosed afflictions to excuse stupidity or intolerable behavior.

    If Remy dictated the letters,

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    If Remy dictated the letters, are they not his mispellings but the transcribers? I find it sad that he doesn't even realize how this makes him look, not that he deserves any sympathy, but is he that stupid?

    Dictating Letters

    probably because he is not allowed to have a pen or pencil. His recent attack on another inmate and the corresponding 8 new charges probably earned him the loss of use of writing implements.

    Interesting story...

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    But I have to wonder if this sort of thing is lost on much of the Herald's readership...

    Easy Erudite

    I haven't cracked a Herald in a long time, but really? Do you feel that much better about yourself and your existence with that crack?

    Since you haven't read it in

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    Since you haven't read it in a long time as you say, you probably don't know but he is totally right. The Herald's readership as reflected in their comment section is a bunch of racist homophobic xenophobes. And then there is are the opinion pieces by Carr Graham et al, which are even worse.

    I read the Herald almost every day

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    Sure, they are obsessed with EBT cards, but they keep the politicians on their toes, which is needed. Graham, whose last column was yesterday, can provide reasoned arguments, even though I don't agree with them. They also sometimes go in depth on some stories the Globe and TV give passing mention of. In short, I think that if we lived in a one newspaper town, we'd be screwed.

    Plus, they have this occasional columnist, Jim Sullivan, who's pretty good.

    Best "Old Boston' humor on the thread.

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    Although I was thinking the Concord Transcendentalists and Hawthorne would work.

    That thing has sucked since my great grandmother called it a scandal sheet in the 60s when it was the Wretched American after the original Herald Traveler died off.

    It would have ridiculous bellowing headlines referencing a "Rape Doc" or whatever like it wanted to grab the National Enquirer demographic.

    And old Gram, as we called her, was born in Southie in the early 1890s so she had a sense of the thing going back to when Hearst owned it.


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    Probably not any better than you do for calling me out on it.

    Remy's on-air role causing more distraction and depression

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    Whether Jerry Remy has done anything wrong (enabling, failure to educate) or not, it's clear Jared plans on appearing in the news as often as possible, thereby dragging Jerry into yet another story unrelated to baseball. It was just a few weeks ago that Jared allegedly attacked a perceived homosexual child molester with hot coffee and a plastic chair. No doubt these stories will continue. When the October trial date was announced, I noticed that it would be just after the regular season will end. I'm sure the scheduling strategy was to keep Jared out of the news until after Jerry was done with his NESN duties. That might have worked but unfortunately Jared won't cooperate. As a result, NESN should exercise its escape clause and dump Jerry. With the Red Sox mired in last place, Jerry's presence causes further depression and distraction.

    Shocked at how cocky jerry

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    Shocked at how cocky jerry has been. He made comment during wed game that a notable local news caster ignored him at a restaurant they both happened to be at. Jerry that said "we'll I'm sure a lot of people don't wanna talk to me hahaha". What an unprofessional ass. Clearly he was upset that he was blatantly ignored by an acquaintance but played it off as arrogantly as possible

    I disagree

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    I am fully capable of making the distinction between Jerry and Jared, and I am not distracted by the latter's behavior. The Sox are sitting in the basement because of their lousy offense, plain an simple.

    How tall is Jared? Anyone

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    How tall is Jared? Anyone know? 5'10? Is he one of those short roided fellas or 6'4 impossible to defeat roided guys?

    Ok Jared Remy

    is scum however his scribe is as well written and coherent as that displayed on the Herald comments page following any column or article.

    No sir, I don't like it

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    That is such a great picture! He looks like Mr. Horse from the Ren and Stimpy show.