Jerry Remy's says it's really serious this time about keeping employees from slipping drinks to underage patrons

UPDATE: One-day suspension ordered.

Officials from Jerry Remy's Sports Bar and Grille told the Boston Licensing Board today they're cracking down on employees after getting cited for the second time in two months for underage patrons getting drinks because they were friends with workers at the Fenway restaurant.

An incident on June 17, in which BPD detectives on a routine inspection found somebody with a drink who shouldn't have had one mirrored a similar occurrence on April 4 at the Boylston Street outlet.

In both cases, bartenders did not check IDs because servers vouched for the purchasers of alcohol, in this case a draft Coors Light, police said.

Jerry Remy's said it's hired a director of operations to keep this sort of thing from happening again. The bar's attorney added that both employees involved in the June incident were fired.

The licensing board decides Thursday what action, if any, to take against Jerry Remy's for the incident.



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Needlessly cruel, and stupid besides. You think Jerry's behind the bar pulling pints of Coors Light?


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Do you really think he manages the place? He a silent owner!


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From what I've heard, he has no ownership and is paid a yearly fee for use of his name.

Then what's the point?

If you're just trying to buy a name, surely you can do better than a guy with a son doing a life sentence. That's not Jerry's fault per se, but if you could buy, say, Luis Tiant's name, would you do it?

This is correct. Remy

This is correct. Remy licenses his name & image to several businesses, but has no operational involvement. Contact was signed years ago, long before problems with the younger Remy became public.

The chinatown bubble tea

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The chinatown bubble tea place Chattime was shut for 3 days for 1 liquor license violation recently, we will see if they mete out similar punishment (times 2) for Remy or if the Remy's continue to get a free pass in MA. Who in the world is still supporting this thug?


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You're dumb as a bag of rocks. Troll.

What is the topic?

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Who's bad news? The cop or the server? Clearly you're not talking about Jerry Remy, who has nothing to do with this incident or the recent events involving his son.

Maybe you just posted to the wrong story.

I'm not so sure.

Clearly you're not talking about Jerry Remy, who has nothing to do with this incident or the recent events involving his son.

If your kid turns out to be a sociopath, it's not necessarily your fault. But when two of your kids turn out bad, then the case for parental blame becomes a bit stronger.


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His other kid is a sociopath?? His daughter got into a drunken fight w/her boyfriend and hit him. His other son was drunk at a bar and grabbed a girl after last call. I'd guess both have issues w/booze, as their father did, but equating them to Jared Remy is beyond absurd.

I don't have the facts and neither do you.

His daughter got into a drunken fight w/her boyfriend and hit him. His other son was drunk at a bar and grabbed a girl after last call.

Typically the incidents that make the news are the tip of the iceberg. 3 kids, all in trouble with the police *as adults*, one for murder. There's a problem there.

Pretty much

You and hyde_parker just say stuff so you can see your name on the screen. Troll.

Yup. At this very moment, I'm using the USB cable from my mouse to flog myself into a frenzy over the excitement of you having responded to me.


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I have the facts as they were reported by the police, so I'm going to take them at face value. I'll let you continue to speculate that "there's a problem there".

I heard Jerry Remy LITERALLY

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I heard Jerry Remy LITERALLY was force feeding those kids beers. The fact that he hasn't denied it is confirmation.

someone forgot the cash

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I'll never forget. I was in college around 2002 and waiting in line to get into who's on first.....saw a BPD cruiser pull up, and the bouncer lean into the window and hand over a wad of cash!


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When I saw a police payoff go down at the old Sporters on Cambridge St, it was in and envelope.

Coors Light?

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It barely has an ABV above small beer. Children drank small beer in the colonial times as it was safer than drinking the river/ground water. We survived as a species somehow.


Not to mention the percentage

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Not to mention the percentage of the population the USA calls "kids" who are not only allowed to drink in other first world nations, but are actually allowed to vote, drive, own a gun, and fight in the military in this one.

But thanks for the fine, Nicole. Keep us all safe from ourselves!

"Kids" can barely behave in

"Kids" can barely behave in public, especially the college kids who are essentially wreckless, irresponsible loose animals away from mommy and daddy in the big city for the first time.

Maybe if we let them drink

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Maybe if we let them drink once they're tall enough to see over the bar, they wouldn't lose their minds when they drink their first beer in college.

Coors Light is not exactly small beer

Without defending that swill in any way, I will note that Coors Lite has an ABV of 4.2%, whereas most historians (like local writer Lauren Clark in her excellent new book Crafty Bastards: Beer in New England from the Mayflower to Modern Day, would probably put the ABV of the small beer of olden times closer to 2% ABV.

You are correct in asserting that it was commonly drunk for hydration by humans of all ages, being safer to drink than water, given the sanitation practices of the time.

You'll have to take that up with George

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George Washington recorded a small beer recipe in 1757. When made as written, it ends up around 4.5% ABV.

So, the range of "small beer" was ironically pretty large.

Of course, he could have just been a great general and a bad beer maker.

Or maybe...

Maybe he was a good beer maker who would consider our beers to be weak and bad-tasting. We were talking about Coors Light, after all.

Depends on the purpose

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High ABV beers weren't what small beer was intended for. It was to keep you hydrated (like drinking water today) but at the same time, to keep any microbes from growing in it while it was stored primarily for travel (armies, at-sea, etc.). The alcohol in the beer killed most bacteria that could be nasty to drink. But even at 2-4% it was enough to kill off the bacteria but not enough to get your army drunk while marching...which is pretty much the same use for Coors Light: enough to drink beer while watching a game, but not get pass-out drunk since you'll be drinking them for the next 3+ hours (4+ if versus the Yankees).


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So slap their wrist and move on. I imagine a good scolding will cover it.

In the world of "things businesses get away with", I'd like to think this is the absolute least of our worries. Of course, cracking down on the simple things and letting the ginormous things run wild is pretty much par for the course these days.

Some of us just want a cheap

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Some of us just want a cheap drink and feel funny with any beer that comes in a snifter. Beer snobery is the last acceptable prejudice.

It's a bit strong to call beer snobbery a prejudice

It has many cousins: food, wine, fashion snobbery, and so on and on in matters of culture.

Prejudice implies passing judgement on appearances without any prior basis in fact, e.g.,, you are of a certain race, so I conclude that you are a lousy dancer, despite not having seen you dance. Snobbery is different, an assertion that my taste or expertise on some subject is superior to yours, and generally based on something observable: what you order at the bar, what you're wearing, what kind of art you hang in your living room.

In some cases, it might be possible for me to assert my expertise or superior taste via credentials, e.g., I have a Master of Wine certification, making me one of a handful of individuals on the planet with exceptional discernment on wine. If I say your wine is shit, it probably is by many quantifiable criteria. (I'm not actually a Master of Wine; that's just an example.)

Most snobs don't have any such credentials, just a strong belief in their more refined tastes. It's just a question of how much you rub that belief in other people's faces. I'm a snob about a lot of things, but not wanting to be perceived as an asshole, I generally keep my dire opinions of your choices in restaurants (among other things) to myself.